How to Dress Up Your Windows for Christmas (11 Simple Ideas)

Dec 1

No matter your personal taste, there’s no denying the joy and comfort that come with getting your home Christmas-ready. Maybe your living room, backyard and porch are already decked out in holiday lights and wreaths. But have you done up your windows?

Unique and interesting window decorations give your home a festive touch while providing passersby with a glimpse of your holiday decor. Sometimes decorating the most unexpected areas makes all the difference!

11 Fun Window Decorating Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is here and so is the time to get creative with your home decor, including your windows. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Christmas window decorations to get you inspired.

  1. Christmas Snow

Christmas Snow

Make your own winter flurries with a pretty window display of falling snowflakes. Use suction cups to stick the decorative snowflakes to the window panes or simply use string to hang them from window muntins. Try a variety of colours for a whimsical look. Complete the festive look with an evergreen swag hung across the top of the window.

  1. Window Jewellery

Add a beautiful holiday swag to your windows using large beaded garlands. Loosely drape a couple of garland strings around the curtain rod and secure them with tape on the reverse side of the rod.

For a unique festive touch, attach elegant crystal balls to the garland ends and embellish them using greenery.

  1. Christmas Cards

Though lush garlands and pretty snowflakes add vibrancy to your windows, Christmas cards add the most personal touch to the space. For this, hang strings across the window and mount the cards as they arrive. Add little stars and bells to the string for extra fun.

Christmas Cards

  1. Ribbon Cascade

Ribbons are a great way to decorate your windows. Hang miniature wreaths in the upper corners of the window frame to simulate the look of old-fashioned decorative corner blocks. Then drape strips of ribbon through the centers of the wreaths and leave the tails cascading down. Use different lengths of ribbon in colours to complement your holiday decor. Try different ribbon patterns and fabrics like organza, silk and satin.

  1. Red Draperies

Red Draperies

When it comes to Christmas decorations, red is a staple colour. And what better way to decorate your home than with red and white window curtains? This window treatment, complete with golden valances and matching throw pillows, is an easy way to give your home a festive vibe. Also consider draping fairy lights along the window’s top edge.

  1. Red Bells

This decoration consists of three red bells topped with an assortment of evergreen branches, berry sprigs, and pinecones. Arrange and use florist’s wire to string all the elements together. Finish with a pretty bow. Make a loop of wire on the back of the swag and hang it from a temporary hook attached to the window frame.

  1. Cookie Cutters

Skip the stirring and baking and instead use your festive cookie cutters to adorn your windows. Collect them in different shapes like reindeers, stars, bells and Christmas trees. Then gather some thin branches and set them across your windows using some tape. Carefully hang the cookie cutters from the branches using gold or neutral-coloured strings. They work as a pretty window decoration and set a whimsical tone.

Cookie Cutters

  1. Indoor Snow

Christmas window decorations don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Simply dress up your windows with a lacy table cover for a quick valance and hang stencil paper snowflakes from the curtain rod using satin ribbons. Hang some paper stars and white fairy lights for a super dreamy look.

  1. Paper Lights

Set your windows aglow with this starry night window display. Get some star-shaped paper lights in different shapes, sizes, designs and colours for a dynamic look and hang them at different heights.

Keep this look simple by avoiding any other accessories like stars, bells, flowers or wreaths. Save those ideas for other windows.

  1. Snow Globes

Do you remember being mesmerized by snow globes as a kid? Make those memories even more magical by using DIY snow globes for your window decoration. Convert some unused glass jars and shot glasses into charming snow globe ornaments. Use artificial snow or even cotton to partially fill the containers; you don’t want the snow to bury the mini trinkets. (Think stars, reindeers, Santa Claus, etcetera.)

One way to make a snow globe more quirky is to add colourful items like mini pink flamingos, fuchsia Christmas trees, and glittering balls. Spray paint the container lids and make a hole in them so a wire can pass through. Finally hang the globes from the curtain rods while making sure they’re well secured.

  1. Window Boxes

You can get creative with window boxes in a number of ways. For example, make simple wood boxes (or use existing ones) and then fill them with a lot of regular and decorative items. For a Christmas-themed look, consider using pinecones, berries, stars, bells, greenery, and similar items.

Holiday home decor doesn’t have to be expensive or time-intensive to make an impact. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Each of these ideas makes use of tiny, affordable props and decorations so you can build the winter wonderland you’ve always dreamt of – without causing you to dread January’s credit card bill.