12 Tips That Will Solve All Your Window Treatment Problems

Windows are the most important part of any room as they ventilate the space. Window treatments are equally important to control light and privacy. Avoiding slacking curtains is just one rule that almost every household has to follow; there are many of them. Here is what Elaine Griffin has to tell you about certain rules to go by if you are planning to use drapes in your living room.

  1. Hanging curtains as close as possible: Leave one inch gap in between the curtains for access. No more than that.
  2. You can opt for both curtains and blinds: This is just about how tailored you want your space to be. Opt for both curtains and shades if you want to achieve a more formal look. Shades make formal coverings and curtains add ornamental grace.
  3. Never worry about windows being too large: If the windows are too large, they just won’t look so pretty, unless there are curtains willing to compliment the decor of the room. Curtains and shades can always be a good option to beautify your room.
  4. Curtains must compliment the rest of your furniture: Any room mostly has 4 components. This will include floor, ceiling, furniture and wall, though there can be only one object that actually stands out. Just make sure you are not using the same print on more than one of your furniture elements.
  5. Roman shades or wood blinds: When choosing in between Roman shades and wood blinds, it all depends on the amount of light and privacy you require. While slatted blinds allows a home owner to adjust the amount of light a room gets, Roman shades mostly do not let any light in.
  6. For bay windows there are two options: Curtains can be hung on either side of the window before it starts to bay. Then you can add a Roman shade to every side of it. You can also try curtains on each side of the window, one on the left, one on the outside, one where the window joins and one where the other window joins.
  7. Length of the curtains: Curtains can just kiss the floor and give you a cleaner look. Though if you want to create a puddle, it should be about three to four inches.
  8. Blackout blinds are best for bedrooms: Blackout blinds are made of heavier materials, meaning to block out light completely.
  9. Solar shades for regulating any blinding light: Roller shades are made out of vinyl, thus allowing only a certain amount of light to pass light through.
  10. Simple and classic finials: One-inch wide curtain rod fits perfectly.
  11. Proper fullness: Curtains on your window need to be at least twice the size of the window. Surely a curtain measuring two-and-a-half times the width of the window frame renders a more opulent look.
  12. Buy the longest of curtain panels: Longer the panels, better the grip and finesse. Your dry cleaner can hem the curtains for a more custom look.

Drapes have always been the most functional yet creative section of any home. Make a stand out statement with a fine selection of curtains that attract repeated glances of visitors and on-lookers.