3 Types of Plantation Shutters to Jazz up Your Home Décor

Jan 8

Let’s take a nostalgic trip back to when plantation shutters used to be the predominant form of window covering. Stylish, classy and durable, these shutters have regained importance in modern-day interior design. As Leonardo Di Vinci says, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, plantation shutters impart a sleek style along with a form of sophistication to your abode.


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If you’re looking to install these shutters in your home, then you should understand the different types available on the market. To know more, read on.


Gaining recognition in the industry of wood products, basswood is one of the popular materials used for interior shutters. It can be painted in any colour of your choice as it has a light grain appeal. For this reason, it’s widely preferred. But, one of the biggest drawbacks of this material is that it doesn’t fair well in extreme weather conditions. However, it’s less pricey than hardwood shutters and can fit your budget well.


Unbelievably durable and highly appealing in its appearance, hardwood shutters are the first choice for many homeowners. It is usually made of Alder and Cedar meaning it’ll exhibit a classy appearance wherever it’s installed in your home. The premium quality of the wood is the reason it renders a stylish look to your home décor. But, maintaining hardwood shutters is little tricky. Wood expands in extreme weather conditions, so, if you’re living in a place with harsh winters and summers, hardwood should be avoided. It is also an expensive shutter that demands a lot of capital for its purchase and installation.


Polyresin is a material that acts as the best alternative to hardwood and basswood. It doesn’t shrink in extreme weather conditions and is also water-resistant in nature. Moreover, it’s not susceptible to fading or cracking that eventually adds value to the interior of your home. These two are the striking features of polyresin shutters that make it apt for high-moisture places like bathrooms and kitchen.

If you’re looking to revamp the interior of your home, then plantation shutters will be a great choice! Install these shutters and prepare to receive appreciation from the visitors at your home.