4 Signs That Show Your Blinds Need Replacement

There are generally two reasons why people replace their blinds. Either they want to revamp their home décor or the blinds are too worn to be of further use. While the former is subjective as it depends on your tastes, the latter is more predictable.

When blinds are about to ‘retire’ they give warning signs to inform that its time to invest in another window treatment.

Bent/Warped Slats

Blinds are made from layering slats that can get warped or bent if children play with them, pets jump on them or heat and humidity levels are too high. It will prevent the blinds from being able to be raised correctly, making them ineffective. Deformed blinds will be unable to block sunlight, so it’s better to get them replaced.

Worn Out Cords

Cords are an essential part of blinds. They make them look sleek and are responsible for their proper functioning. More the blinds get used, more is the chances of cords being worn out. When you see that the cords have begun to fray, then it’s obvious that your blinds are failing and are no longer usable.


The most important function of blinds is to block sunlight. However, doing so will lead to sun damage and fading over time. It’s unavoidable. Discoloured blinds are not only unpleasing to the eyes, but also mar your home’s décor. If your blinds have started to lose colour or have become yellowish, then its time to replace them with some new window treatments.

Failed Tilt Mechanism

If the blinds don’t close tightly, then they are unable to provide complete control over light entering your home. Unwanted glare, larger gaps, and loosened slats are common signs that show that your tilt mechanism is damaged. Re-cording the entire blind can create more trouble than its worth and will also be expensive. It’s better to replace the old unit and give a new look to your windows in the process.

Why struggle with the damaged or old blinds, if you can get them replaced? Worn out window treatments pose a threat to your family and make your windows look terrible. Bent slats, failed tilt mechanism, discolouration and frayed cords are all warning signs that you should take seriously. If you want expert advice on window treatments, then Lerner Interiors is ready to help you. Book an appointment today!