4 Special Window Treatments for Holiday Season

Nov 2

The holiday season is here and it’s time to make the most of this wonderful season by decorating your windows in a special way.

When it comes to decorating your windows for holidays like Christmas and New Year, you have the freedom of putting your creative foot forward. The reason being, your windows show off that your Christmas spirit is in full swing because it is what’s visible from outside.

If you’re looking for ideas to treat your windows differently this holiday season, here are 4 ideas for your help.

1) The Snowy Touch

Nothing defines Christmas better than snowflakes. Incorporate the beautiful texture of snowflakes into your window treatment by crafting your own winter flurries. Use laces or doilies and cut them in the shape of a snowflake. Tie the cutouts together, leaving some distance in between each snowflake and hang them on your windows. Pair it with a bunch of pine leaves by hanging them as a valance to complete the look. This treatment is ideal for a small window, especially in kitchens.

2) The Classic Look

Give a traditional look to your windows by adding a series of wreaths on your windows. Tie the wreaths in the middle of your windows to give a sequential appearance and add drama to your overall Christmas décor. This treatment works best with wide windows as it allows you to have more area for decoration, thus creating a classic look. You can complement this window treatment by adding red-checked curtains on each end of the window.

3) The Christmas Present Look

If you want to stick to a simple window treatment, then hanging small gift boxes will be the best bet for you. Take a few empty boxes of equal size and gift wrap them in newspapers. Decorate these boxes with a red ribbon by giving the shape of a bowtie and hang them on your windows. You can create an ascending or descending look by hanging each box slightly lower or higher from the previous one. If you want to keep your privacy intact without compromising on the holiday decoration, then add a coffee curtain with this holiday special window covering.

4) The Starry Appearance

Create a look inspired by the star at the top of the Christmas tree by giving a starry appearance to your windows. Decorate your windows with star string lights by hanging them vertically. You can experiment with the look by using a branch of a tree as a curtain rod to hang string lights and baubles (Christmas ornaments). It will give a rustic, yet decorative appearance your windows.

Try these special window treatments this holiday season and impress your guests with your creativity and sense of décor. For other window covering ideas and assistance, you can contact our window treatment experts by booking an appointment.