4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Hanging Curtains in Your Abode

Jan 9

A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy’- Juan Montoya, a reputed interiors designer.

Known for rendering style and also protection from excessive sun rays, curtains serve as a trendy home décor item. It doesn’t only impart a stylish appearance to your room but, also successfully creates an illusion of a larger space in a room. A lot can be said through the choice of your curtains in your room. For instance, if you prefer peppy and bright curtains over dull greys then you’re likely a fun loving person. But, there are certain things that you shouldn’t do when hanging curtains in your abode. Read on to know more:

curtains and drapes


Don’t be a Miser

When you’re planning to go shopping for curtains then ensure to never compromise on a suitable volume of draperies. Being a miser will not help you in any way because your home needs an appropriate length of curtains and this can be done only with enough fabric. Narrow curtains don’t look appealing to the eyes as it’ll appear clingy. Always purchase curtains with enough fabric for the interiors of your home.

Don’t Hang the Curtains Low
This is a common and effective rule when hanging the curtains from the rod. Hanging the curtains low is absolutely not advisable. The higher the curtains, the larger your abode will appear. Try to fix curtain rods 4-6 inches above the window frame. For bedrooms, selecting curtains with relatively longer hemline lends a romantic aura to the room. Just be aware that these curtains tend to get dirty in a short span of time.

Don’t Rush When Choosing a Fabric
Fabric selection is another important factor that needs careful consideration when considering curtains for your abode. The purpose of the room and the mood you wish to instil should be taken into account while purchasing curtains for different rooms. For instance, lighter fabrics are generally used for bedrooms while heavy and designer fabrics are suitable for living rooms. Also, dark shades are appropriate if you’re looking for privacy in a certain room.

Don’t Begin the Project Without a Template
To maintain parity in all the rooms of your home, a proper template is mandatory to add finesse to your home. All the curtain rods of all the rooms should be fixed at a certain height in all the rooms and this is possible with a template. That means chalking out a skeleton before purchasing the curtains and drapes is compulsory. Moreover, with this methodology, you can save time, money and unwanted chaos in decorating your abode.

If you get the above-mentioned tactics right, then you’ll never go wrong in adding that extra jazz to your home. Choose wisely and remodel the interiors of your abode with beautiful long curtains and drapes. Good luck!