5 Affordable Tricks to the Most Effective Window Coverings

Sep 5

Investments in custom window treatments fall in place when you know the nitty-gritty’s of your homes. Expertises on the various fronts of window treatments are equally crucial. One mistake and your entire investment will go waste.

The good news though is the availability of many DIY options to create high-end, custom looking window treatments that do not incur huge costs. How these can be cost-saving? Read on to know.

DIY Roman Shades

There are numerous methods to create your own DIY Roman Shade. One can sew them or just take the easy route with the no-stitch faux Roman Shades. While being easily adjustable, they are intended mostly for decorative purposes. Just a long panel of fabric and 3 pressure rods are required to create the perfect look of Roman Shades.

No-sew Valance

An easy way to making a decorative valance is just adhering to two panels of fabric together at the bottom and topping with smoothly fused webbing or fabric glue, leaving the sides open. A curtain rod can be inserted in the opening and then hung up.

Modify Readymade Curtains

No rule ever states that you have to hang store-bought curtains just as they are. Get creative and just modify them the way you want. You can also purchase inexpensive curtain panels. Heighten their personality by drawing a pretty pattern on them or painting stripes.

Another way of adding in stripes is by attaching stripes of colored fabric on a plain white curtain panel by sewing them on or with the help of fusible webbing. Ribbon can be added to finish off the edge of these stripes.


Something as commonplace and drab as a bed sheet can be upcycled into curtain panels. One can also add a “no-sew” back tab to existing curtains in order to impart a completely different look.

Skip the Fabric Window Treatments

For windows in bathrooms or in doors, add in a privacy film, which you can always remove if necessary. This can be done in a budget and is actually very easy to do. One can also use vinyl to create a fun pattern while allowing privacy at the same time. When it is time to move out, you can always peel it off.

Modify the Length

Are there curtains you love, that do not fit into the current window size? You can always add-in length by sewing on a panel of coordinated fabric creating a wide strip at the bottom or at the top. If they are a few inches too short adjust the height with a few clips and rings.

Way too long? Don’t worry. Sew in a hem or just use a “no-sew” method by using hem tape, webbing or fabric glue and an iron to get you a crisp edge.

Window treatments can greatly warm up a room and conclude the design. In case, you are looking for a really interesting and efficient décor, then you might just try one of these.