5 Hot Window Treatments Trending This Season

Aug 4

Patterns are hot this season

Your home is an extension of your personality. It is where you live, rest, laze, entertain, build memories and take refuge when the outside world gets too overwhelming. How many times have you woken up in the morning, checked the time, and then the sun streaming through those lovely curtains in your windows, and breathed a sigh of relief that you wouldn’t have to get to work until the next day? And then turned over and gone back to sleep because it is a lazy Sunday. Your home is your haven of comfort and it reflects exactly how you look at life.

Window coverings are an important part of your home interiors and these treatments breathe fresh air into your decor giving it a distinct style that you can call your own. Here are some of the trends that are hot this season, and you can infuse these with your own creativity to create a unique look for your home.

1. Layering treatment

Your windows provide you a view of the outside world from your comfort zone, and also let you watch the world go by on those days when you are content staying home. Needless to say, that these points of contact with the outside world need a special treatment. This season, layers are in. Layer your window treatment look with a combination of draperies and blinds of your choice. With the minimalist look being in fashion, you can consider coordinating the colors of blinds and the draperies to create a well-rounded look for the windows.

With the sewn in lining at the back of draperies, and the excellent range of blinds available these days in different materials including bamboo and other eco-friendly materials, you can opt for complete privacy and cool interiors even during the day. Layering your windows gives you better light control and also helps you regulate the indoor temperatures.

Adding a drapery panel also lends your room more character and warmth.

2. Accent colors or patterns

Accent colors work best on window treatments. If your room has an accent colour, consider using it on your window coverings, like the curtains or the draperies. Of late draperies have also seen a sea change in the way they are used on windows. Gone are the days, when windows were covered with huge swathes of fabric running the entire length of the windows, pooling on the ground in Victorian elegance. Minimalistic draperies in accent colors, combined with same colored accessories add warmth to any room. Consider colour coordinated throw rugs and pillows to spruce up the decor.

Patterned window treatments, colour blocking and monochromatic colour schemes can also work wonders for your contemporary decor.

3. Bold colors

The interior decor colors trending this season are yellow, orange and blue. You need to pick the right shade for orange and yellow to create the decor of your dreams. If the shade is too strong, neutralize the color with other accessories in grey or beige, and you can have a living room that is inviting and warm, and also fun at the same time.

4. Loose pleats, decorative hardware

While choosing your curtains, opt for loose pleats in differently styled panel tracks. Interior decorators are all in favor for choosing the less austere look by loosening out the pleats this season. Even if you have formal decor in your room, the trend is to opt for long, loose pleats for your curtains.

Pinch pleat drapes continue to win hearts and retain the number one position when it comes to choosing designs for your curtains.

5. Fun patterns or bands

While monochromes and colour blocks are for those who like a more structured look for their interiors, adding fun patterns creates a more informal look. Consider adding stripes and spot designs in your curtains for your informal decor. Bands are also exciting options for window coverings, and add detailing to your room. Try light colored curtains with contrasting bands if you want to add height to your room.

The best way to create a coordinated look for your interiors is to match the accent color or the band design with other accessories in the room. Choose the same colors or pattern for your throw pillows, cushions, duvet or upholstery.

But always remember to use restraint. Don’t go all out on the designs, or colour everything yellow. You don’t want your room to look like a sunflower field. Keep in mind the trends this season, and work with your trusted window coverings provider to create a refreshing look that matches your style.