5 Awesome Interior Decor Trends Expected to Be Huge in 2020

Feb 15

Have you been daydreaming about how your interiors will look after a renovation? If so, then now’s the time to look into the best ways to go about it. Although home decor decisions are generally personal, taking inspiration from different sources is a good idea. Even if you like to go against the grain, you can benefit from knowing what the trends are before you renovate. Keeping up with the latest styles will make your home look fresh and interesting.

To make your choices easier, let’s unveil 2020’s burgeoning interior decor trends. Take a look!

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5 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Get it in tune with the latest styles by giving these decor ideas a go.

  1. Vibrant and Rich Colours

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Minimalist home design has been trending for years, replacing vibrant colour palettes with shades of tan, sand, grey, white, black and brown. But with the new decade, we expect to see bright colours in homes again.

Thanks to pop culture bringing back ‘80s and ‘90s styles, vibrant colour schemes are becoming the go-to for interior designers. But the colours need to be incorporated in a more refined manner than in previous years.

That said, you can expect to see more dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces using vibrant colour palettes, be it in the form of wall paint or furniture.

  1. Metal Hardware and Accents

Mixing metals on a piece of furniture or in a room is acceptable and expected to trend this year.

Since all metals experience oxidation over time, they create a warm and rustic appearance in any room. From rose gold and copper to silver and brushed metal, mixing and matching metals will be trending in interior décor, including hardware, kitchen backsplashes and furniture accents. Metal faucets and light fixtures like pendant lights can make a huge impression.

However, mixing too many variations can make elements seem out of place. Try to stick to a single colour palette and use others as accents. Limit yourself to two or three finishes to avoid making the room seem too busy.

A great way to bring in metallic accents is with attractive drapery hardware and rod finials. These come in a variety of finishes so you can find something perfect for your home.

  1. Cozy Décor


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Want to create a peaceful environment to unwind in at the end of your day? One of the best ways to make a space feel warm and cozy is with fabric.

When looking to design a cozy atmosphere in a bedroom or living room, update your window treatments. This will also instantly renew your decor. Fringed or braided tiebacks, valances and new sheers can make your window feel new with just a few small changes. Additionally, you can install traditional draperies and decorative silks to enhance your existing window treatments to make them warm.

Invest in quality rugs to create a layered and textured look in a small space. There’s no need to cover the entire floor; instead choose the most important area in a room to highlight. This will give the effect of the room appearing renovated, without you having to spend too much.

  1. Tech-Savvy Treatments

Connected homes, smart technology and the use of AI in homes is expected to come to the fore this decade.

Not only will this trend help you be more organized, it will allow you to get rid of mental clutter. Technology elevates your life and makes everyday tasks easier. It lets you dedicate your time and effort to other, more productive tasks.

  1. Biophilic Design


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This new trend incorporates natural elements into decor that promotes sustainability. The idea is to bring the outdoors indoors with natural light, open concepts and plant life.

As we are grapple with climate change, more homeowners are searching for sustainable elements for their homes. If you want a stylish home but prefer organic elements that won’t harm the environment, this design aesthetic is ideal.

Using recycled wood for tables, chairs and flooring, for instance, contributes to creating an organic aesthetic while promoting an environmentally friendly home. Transform your bathroom and bedroom into ethereal spaces by integrating earthy elements such as stone, wood and metals. You can also use smart gadgets that routinely adjust the brightness of your light fixtures to match your circadian rhythm as the sun rises and sets.

2020 is all about cozy, sustainable decor elements and vibrant colours. However, when choosing the best interior decor, you need to picture what works for your space and interiors. Before going decor shopping, analyze your interiors to ensure you choose the best elements. This will help make your home the perfect place to relax and unwind.