5 Interior Decorating Mistakes That Are Easy to Avoid

Apr 9

Hiring a professional interior designer might not be affordable for many people. For individuals who are unfamiliar with interior design, there are techniques, methods and nuances to avoid so you don’t make common and expensive decorating mistakes.

For people who don’t have a degree in interior design, reading the common mistakes listed below are bound to help you sidestep any potential problems while decorating your home.

  • Being inconsiderate of the proportions

Rooms usually feel crowded when the space’s proportions are ignored. Though the room may be big enough for a piece of furniture in it, such as a couch, it may still be out of proportion to the measurements of the space. The proportion is especially tricky as a room should have short, tall, big, small and wide things in it. However, filling it with things of one particular size or shape can throw everything off.

  • Not having enough storage space

Most people fail to consider storage as an integral component of interior design. Everybody has things, and while very few may actually serve a decorative purpose, most of the things must be stored away till they’re needed. While decorating your home, it’s imperative to consider adding closets, racks, hooks, trunks, baskets, bins and any other tool that can be used to store things. For example, around the holidays, most people have their decorations out, but after New Year’s they need to be repacked and stored away until the same time next year. Consider purchasing a trunk to store the things instead of stuffing everything in one closet.

  • Adding too much decor into one space

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes made while decorating a home. People often tend to add too many pieces to one room, making it look cluttered. All of the walls don’t need to be completely covered in framed pictures and art. A sofa doesn’t need two dozen throw pillows on it either. Minimize things to the extent that it’s possible that the room doesn’t look crowded and messy. Decorative pieces that you love can be bought and stored. This enables you to effortlessly change the mood of a room to your liking, without having to purchase a new piece each time.

  • Not using proper lighting

Interior design experts usually recommend lighting a room in different layers. What that means is that there’s more to it than simply having an overhead light connected to a single switch. Instead, a dimmer may be attached to the overhead light. Different lamps can be incorporated into diverse light settings. This makes it very easy for you to be able to modify the mood of the room by using different lighting options. For example, the living room can be a great place for kids to play in with bright overhead lighting. It can also be swiftly turned into a setting to watch a romantic movie in with a few minor lighting adjustments.

  • Trying too hard to keep up with the latest trends

If you’ve designed your home a few years ago, you may notice that some pieces may have started looking dated. This usually happens when you rely too much on recent trends while designing any space. However, fixing this decorating mistake is rather easy. All you need to do is consider your design style and incorporate some classic elements that go well with the rest of your decor.

Remember that decorating a home is an ongoing process. You’ll need to keep working on it for as long as you live there. Everyone is bound to make a few mistakes here and there, but what’s important is that you learn from them instead of repeating them over and over again.