5 Most Popular Condo Blinds in Toronto (Simple Guide)

Oct 28

Many condos are designed with large, floor-to-ceiling windows. From an architectural point of view, these gives the building’s exterior a sleek look – especially if there aren’t any balconies.

In terms of owner appeal, large windows are considered a plus because they offer an expansive view that’s even more impressive if the building is in beautiful surroundings.

But with such large windows it becomes a challenge to cover them when you want privacy or light control.

Lerner Interiors has an extensive collection of condo blinds from top brands that are completely customizable. Created from diverse materials such as faux wood and fabric, these blinds are perfectly crafted to meet your needs.

To help give you an idea of what you should be looking for, here are the five most popular condo blinds in Toronto.

Beautify Your Condo or Apartment with High-Quality Blinds

Beautify Your Condo or Apartment with High-Quality Blinds

Outfitting your condo with perfect blinds may be difficult if you’re not used to working with limited space and smaller surfaces. Many condos and high-rise apartments have windows that are smaller than normal or abnormally shaped. The solution: installing blinds specially crafted for condos.

1. Wooden Blinds

Condos are common in densely-populated cities where there are not many open spaces like natural parks, forests, or backyards. Wooden blinds and even faux wooden blinds bring a natural touch into this type of apartment.

Not only do wooden blinds bring warmth and comfort, but they are also durable and long-lasting. Wooden blinds will ensure that you have the privacy you need, while also improving the space’s overall ambience.

2. Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are ideal for condominium windows because they can be custom fabricated in large sizes without being too heavy. They are available in different colours, styles, and materials. Once installed, roller blinds offer a clean and modern look, allowing the brackets and mechanics to be hidden, and covering up the rolling blinds.

3. Motorized Roller Blinds

If your condo has high and hard-to-reach windows, motorized roller blinds become a convenient option. These blinds allow you to control the amount of light that comes in via remote control. You may easily open and close these blinds with the click of a button.

Motorized roller blinds are perfect because they offer convenience and give off a modern, high-tech vibe. There are also blackout options available for those who work night shifts or simply like to sleep in.

4. Zebra Blinds

A popular option in Canada, zebra blinds offer good quality at an affordable price. They are a great option for condos because they give better light control than traditional types. This is mainly due to its unique design which mimics a zebra pattern.

If you’re in need of blinds that offer privacy, insulation, and adjustability, look no further. Moreover, considering their fresh, modern look, zebra blinds go well with almost all types of furniture and home decor.

5. Silhouette Blinds

Silhouette blinds are popular for light filtering or room darkening. They are louvered like shutters and soft like drapery. Silhouette blinds are best for UV protection and are the perfect option for environmentally-minded consumers who prefer products that are both energy efficient and look great. These blinds are also available at reasonable rates.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Blinds for Your Condo

Things to Consider Before Choosing Blinds for Your Condo

We believe that windows are a vital part of any condo and negligence can ruin both their aesthetic value and functional benefits. Here are a few things you should consider before you order your favourite blinds for your condo.

Durability and Strength

Window coverings such as drapes and curtains are easily damaged by water and are hard to clean. But the blinds used for condos are much more useful due to their sturdiness. These can easily be fixed in the moisture level areas such as bathrooms and kitchen. Due to their waterproof seal, water and moisture can be easily wiped up, while their thickness means they are durable and strong.


A significant feature of condo blinds is that they provide privacy. They come in amazing colour combinations and give a classy and sober look to your house, enabling complete privacy. You can design your windows with blinds to have complete confidentiality and security.

Light Control

This is one of the main things people consider when shopping for blinds. Blinds are available with different sizes of slats and the ability to open, close, and tilt them in every way possible. This provides you with control of light. Unlike curtains, blinds don’t allow the light to disturb the ambience, unless you want them to. They also protect the windows with their sturdiness and classy shades.


Blinds offer rooms a stylish and rich look, and are among the more affordable window covers available in Canada. Also, they come in various designs, colours, and prices. Make your move and buy blinds that suit your condo, at a reasonable price.


Compared to other fabric window coverings, blinds are easier to clean. Indeed, a damp or soft cloth is all you need. Fabric coverings such as curtains or window shades call for at least one cleaning per week. Blinds are ideal for those who live busy lifestyles, as their maintenance saves you both time and energy.

Colours and Patterns

With blinds, you have a huge palette from which to choose, so there are few limits to fulfilling your unique tastes.

Now that you have an idea about them and valuable tips to follow, you can head out to shop for condo blinds in Toronto with increased confidence. If you want to buy top-quality blinds or any other window coverings, contact Lerner Interiors. We take pride in offering the highest level of innovation, quality, commitment, and customer satisfaction. Go through our testimonials to learn more about our range of products and services.