5 Reasons Why Blackout Drapes are Necessary for Uninterrupted Sleep

Jan 10

Have you ever needed a quick nap during the day, but there was just too much light streaming in through the window? Blackout drapes can help with that! With blackout drapes, it can be a bright spring day, but you won’t notice because it’ll be night-time dark in the room you’re in.

There are several other benefits that these drapes provide, which is why so many Canadians have them installed.

These benefits are:

Temperature Control and Thermal Insulation – Because of their composition, these drapes do a good job of regulating the temperature in a room, as they provide thermal insulation. This means that a room won’t get too hot, or too cold.

Noise Reduction – Outside noise can ruin proper sleep. Thankfully, blackout drapes are effective at filtering out noise. The extra lining of these drapes helps dampen noise, making your sleeping space a peaceful one.

Safeguard your interiors – The extra lining of the drapes means that they are excellent at protecting your furniture and floors from damaging UV rays.

A parent’s best friendInstalling blackout drapes will forever end the long-time complaint of “but there’s still light outside!” from your child. Remember, kids and infants need more sleep than adults as their bodies are still developing.

Plenty of customization options – Blackout drapes are available in several different colours and styles. They can be customized to fit any room décor.

There is one downside to blackout drapes, and that’s the cost. They are typically more expensive than other window treatments. However, they make up for it by extending the longevity of your furniture, and reducing your energy costs.

Having blackout drapes installed confers many benefits. The biggest one though, is the ability to have uninterrupted sleep. Getting enough sleep is one of the secrets of being productive, having more energy, and having better overall health.