11 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Blinds for Your Home

Jun 22

Bamboo blinds are a popular window treatment option that can boost the look and feel of your home. They control light and add dimension to your room while offering the functionality of other blind styles. For example, these durable and beautiful blinds are easy to clean and install. They also go with almost all kinds of home decor, including vintage, rustic and contemporary.


This post outlines the top 11 reasons you should choose bamboo blinds for your Toronto-area home.

Let’s dive right in.

Top Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Blinds for Your Home

Below are several reasons why installing these window coverings in your space is a great idea.

1) Environment Friendly

Compared to other window coverings, bamboo blinds are more environmentally-friendly. Natural bamboo is used for making slats which are then woven together. Using bamboo instead of metal or wood, you can save on the additional costs related to processing its raw materials.

Once the cutting and shaping of bamboo are complete, no others steps in the manufacture of bamboo blinds involve the use of chemicals. Plus, you only need a cloth to clean; no harsh chemical cleaning solution is required.

2) Beautiful Appearance

Bamboo blinds help to increase your home’s visual appeal. Be it a modern décor or a traditional one, the unique texture and layered appearance of bamboo are ideal to fit with any style of interiors. These beautiful blinds add an exotic touch as well as give a contemporary appearance in your home.

3) Durable and Long-Lasting

Bamboo blinds are extremely durable and long-lasting. Unlike synthetic blinds, this window covering option is made of natural materials and thus stays in good shape without warping, fading or deteriorating.

As they are made from highly-durable bamboo, these blinds are great options for both outdoor and indoor use. If you use these blinds in conjunction with a patio, make sure the bamboo is mixed with weather-resistant components and not natural fibre.

Installing these window coverings outside or inside will extend your window’s dimensions. This will give you the illusion of having a bigger, more open window.

4) Low Maintenance

This is one of the key reasons to choose bamboo blinds in Toronto. You simply need to clean them gently with a feather duster at least once a week.

For deep cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove cobwebs. To remove mould or mildew, soak them in a solution of water and oil soap or vinegar. Then leave them outside to dry.

5) Privacy

Another benefit of these window blinds is that they allow maximum privacy. Whether you want to control sunlight coming in or privacy, these blinds are strong choices.

6) Reduce Noise

As bamboo is very strong and dense, it acts as a good barrier against outside noise. Those blinds that are mounted from the ceiling, such as roman bamboo blinds, can greatly reduce outside noise. That is why they are widely preferred by those living in busy areas.

7) Improve Air Quality

Another reason to choose bamboo blinds is to improve the quality of indoor air. They successfully block harmful components from outside like bacteria, pollen, and dirt. These window blinds are highly recommended for homeowners who suffer from allergies or asthma.

8)  Versatility

Bamboo blinds come in three types: dark, medium, and light. Within these is a range of natural wood tones to get the perfect match for your furniture, floor, and overall home decor.

Moreover, these blinds can fit any shape or size of the window. They also come in diverse styles such as roman blinds and roller blinds, as well as different textures to suit home decor, from rustic to minimalist.


These are the key reasons for choosing bamboo blinds. Their multiple benefits make them a great choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication and functionality to their home. Want window blinds from Hunter Douglas, Maxxmar or other top brands? For the best quality window coverings, contact Lerner Interiors.