5 Signs That Show Your Blinds Need Replacement

May 8

Blinds are a common window treatment choice for many Toronto homeowners. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of their homes and control the amount of light that enters. However, regular usage can wear them out and compromise their functionality. At that point, it becomes necessary to consider replacing them.

While some people opt to replace their blinds for purely aesthetic reasons, there are certain signs that indicate a new set is best. These signs can vary depending on the type of window blinds and the amount of usage they have received.

Warning Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Blinds

The following indicate that it is time to update your blinds.

Bent/Warped Slats

Bent or warped slats are a typical problem with blinds. These may occur as a result of rough handling by children or pets, heat and humidity exposure, or other environmental factors. The functionality of the entire blind may be impacted by these distorted slats, which can make it challenging to raise or lower them.

Each of the common materials used to make blinds, including wood, metal, and plastic, has unique properties which can make it more susceptible to warping or bending. If your blinds have become bent or warped, take immediate action to prevent further damage. In most situations, it is advisable to replace the slats or the entire blind to ensure that it continues to function as new.

Worn Out Cords

The cords are an essential component of blinds, and play a crucial role in their functioning. As the blinds are used regularly, the cords are subject to wear and tear, which can lead to fraying and damage.

Worn-out cords not only affect the functioning of the blinds, but also pose a safety hazard, especially for young children and pets. Broken or frayed cords can cause the blinds to malfunction, leading to accidents and injuries.

That is why it is important to inspect the cords regularly and replace them as soon as you notice any signs of wear or tear. Replacement cords are readily available, and are easy to install. Alternatively, you can replace the entire blind for a fresh and updated look.


Fading and discolouration are common signs that your blinds need to be replaced. This is caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Such window treatments not only ruin the overall aesthetics of your home, but also fail to perform their basic function of effectively blocking sunlight.

Discoloured blinds can also be a sign of mould or mildew, both of which pose serious health risks to individuals with respiratory problems. High humidity or moisture can encourage the growth of mould and mildew, which can be difficult to remove.

That means it is important to get new window treatments if you notice any discolouration in your blinds. The replacement options range from blinds made of different materials, such as wood or PVC, or even shades or curtains that provide better light filtration and UV protection.

Failed Tilt Mechanism

If the blinds don’t close tightly, then they are unable to provide complete control over light entering your home. Unwanted glare, larger gaps, and loosened slats are common signs that show that your tilt mechanism is damaged. Re-cording the entire blind can create more trouble than its worth and will also be expensive. It’s better to replace the old unit and give a new look to your windows in the process.

Difficulty in Cleaning

If you find cleaning your blinds becoming increasingly difficult, it may be a sign that they need to be replaced. Dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate on your blinds over time, making them harder to clean and potentially causing health issues for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

Why struggle with the damaged or old blinds, if you can get them replaced? Worn out window treatments pose a threat to your family and make your windows look terrible. Bent slats, failed tilt mechanism, discolouration and frayed cords are all warning signs that you should take seriously. If you want expert advice on window treatments, then H. Sewing Drapery is ready to help you. Book an appointment today!