5 Stylish Ways to Cover Your Glass Doors

Aug 4

Window treatments are not confined to windows. They can be used with equal beauty and elegance for glass doors. Be it a sliding glass door or a French door, a stylish window covering can transform its look from blah to beautiful.

There are many options to decorate a glass door so that it offers both privacy and light control. Consider these 5 ways for defining your style through your glass doors.

1) Drapes

Using drapes to cover a glass door is preferred by most homeowners. This versatile window treatment can offer a lot when it comes to creating different decorative looks. Put the drapery rod a bit above the door frame to completely cover the door. If you don’t want total coverage, then adjust the drapery rod according to the frame of the door.

2) Faux Wood Blinds

Ideal to create a rich and decorative look, faux wood blinds complement a country style decor. This window treatment is great if you have a tight budget and want to dress your doors beautifully. Attach these blinds to the door’s frame for optimal usage. You can choose from a variety of colours and stains to get the desired look.

3) Shutters

Shutters are the best window treatment option when it comes to creating a clean and finished look. Ideal for minimalistic home décor, this window treatment perfectly blends with the room décor and covers your glass doors effectively. Mount the shutters on the door and paint them with the same colour as on your walls for a seamless look.

4) Roman Shades

Using roman shades to cover glass doors may seem an unusual idea but it can work wonders if a single shade is mounted on each panel within the frame. It allows you to control privacy and the amount of light you want in your room. If you have a traditional setup, then the classic Roman shades are perfect for covering your glass doors. You can experiment with the fabric, colours and patterns for an upscale look.

5) Honeycomb Shades

Enjoy filtered and soft natural light entering through the honeycomb shades mounted on your glass door. This window treatment offers a subdued glow to the room and creates a modern look. Honeycomb shades are not only cost effective but also insulate your room. Therefore, they can block the direct heat entering through your glass doors and maintain a comfortable environment.

Consider these ‘door treatment’ ideas and accessorize your glass doors with something decorative. Each of them is equally elegant and functional. Look for the one that suits you the most.