5 Trendy & Offbeat Window Valances to Rejuvenate Your Home Décor

Nov 7

Valances are elegant window accessories that add to the beauty of your window treatment. They not only conceal the drapery hardware but also add a personality to any space.

Be it curtains or roman shades, valances effortlessly give an edge to your window coverings in catching the attention of your guests. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, they give you the opportunity to create the look of your choice.

If you’re thinking of adding valances to your window treatment in a unique way, then consider these 5 trendy and offbeat window valances to rejuvenate your home decor.

The Crystal Swag

Give a glittery touch to your windows by adding valances made of crystals. Take small crystal beads and tie them together to create a garland. Hang them on your windows while creating a swag. You can give a layered effect to this DIY valance by adding multiple layers of crystal beaded garland. This look works best for wide windows in a room decorated with a crystal or glass chandelier.

The Natural Touch

If your room’s décor theme is nature, then grass valances are the best bet for you. Dress up your window with long grasses (dry) and create an offbeat look with this out-of-the-box valance. You can use jute, instead of long grasses to get the same feel.

The Complementing Style

If you want to experiment with the traditional style of valances, then try to mix and match two different things. Take a long, cheetah-printed fabric, a bit longer than the width of your windows and use it as a valance by creating swag with the help of pink ribbons. You can change the colour of ribbons according to the colour scheme of your room. But, make sure that you use a bold-coloured ribbon to make it prominent.

The Metallic Finish

Have you ever thought of using a metal as a valance? If not, then its time to try one. This unique valance is ideal for giving an industrial look to your room. You need to be accurate in your measurements to use a piece of galvanised metal as a valance, but it will surely create a distinct look. This valance works best with lightweight curtains as their reflective glaze perfectly complements the softness of the curtains.

The Artistic Look

This valance offers you with the opportunity to use your little one’s artwork to decorate your custom window treatment. Take your kid’s drawing and paste it on a long fabric or lightweight fibreboard. Use it as a valance in the box-like shape to cover up your drapery hardware as well as to give a decorative look to your windows.

Think creatively and try these trendy and offbeat valances to spruce up your home’s interiors. They are easy to make and can work wonders when used with the right accessories. If you want to know more about latest window treatment designs and trends, then contact our team of window covering experts today!