5 Window Covering Ideas for Tall Windows

Tall windows make a statement in the rooms they inhabit of splendour and elegance. These towering windows are an excellent addition to your home, but dressing them is a challenge. You have to treat them while considering factors such as aesthetics, privacy, temperature moderation, UV protection and light control.

If you’re having some trouble deciding how to best dress your tall windows, then read on for some great ideas!

  1. Cellular Shades

The problem with tall windows is that they allow too much light into the house. It leads to rising temperatures, making the room warmer during the summer. Cellular shades are an energy efficient option to restrict midday sun and keep the room cool. The top-down and bottom-up feature of cellular shades give you full control over the amount of light you want in a room.

  1. Full-height Drapes

Full-height drapes provide total coverage from light and ensure privacy. Choose larger pleats and bigger curtain rods that look prominent in front of your tall windows. You can also add multiple layers such as blackout lining for more light blocking and valances for more style.

  1. Motorized Shades

Want a multipurpose window covering solution for your tall windows? Motorized shades are the answer. Motorized shades take the pain out of reaching the cord, making it easier to lift or lower multiple shades. Use a remote control to control the amount of light flow you want. The best part is that with the help of custom-made window treatments, you can motorize anything.

  1. Mix and Match

Mix two ideas together to create something different. For example, full-length drapery panels with box valances for full coverage and woven shades for partial coverage. The combination of two elements gives flexibility in decoration and allows you to control how much window coverage you want. You can cover the lower half with woven shades at night and gaze at the stars through the upper half. On the other hand, you can simply cover the upper half with draperies in the daytime to avoid midday sun.

  1. Draw Attention

You can experiment with the look by taking advantage of the height of your windows. Dressed-up detailing in a contrasting fabric should be placed strategically. If you want your ceiling to be the focal point, then add the detailing to the top. If you don’t want your room to look too spacious because of the height, then go in the opposite direction and place the detailing in the lower part.

Window coverings give you endless options to experiment with. Use your tall windows as a canvas and paint it with a variety of shades, shutters, draperies, etc. Take this as a challenge and decorate the windows to showcase your style.