5 Window Coverings to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Apr 7

When the summer heat strikes your home’s interiors, you almost start to boil. From turning on your air conditioner to jumping into the swimming pool, you’ll likely be taking any opportunity to keep cool. However, many people underestimate the importance of window coverings in this goal.

Window treatments are a great way to improve energy efficiency and save on your home’s cooling bill. By dressing up the windows correctly, you’ll get a cooler environment even on a hot day.

Here are some window coverings that’ll help keep your home cool this summer.

1) Blackout Shades or Curtains

The most efficient window treatments during the summer are blackout curtains or shades. Blackout curtains are perfect for providing complete darkness to the room. Choose light-coloured drapes or dark-coloured drapes with white backing to prevent the sun’s UV rays from entering your home.

2) Solar Shades

Get protection from the morning or evening sun with solar shades. They allow light to enter, offer privacy and restrict heat transfer. With darker solar shades, you can eliminate sun glare without restricting your outside view. These shades also provide complete furniture protection from sun damage.

3) Shutters

Shutters, both interior and exterior, are good at reducing heat gain in your home. They work as a window insulation system while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the house. Combine shutters with draperies for better results.

4) Tinted Windows

Another way of limiting the heat is by installing tinted windows. A thin film or laminate is installed on the interior surface of the window glass. Window tint allows some light to enter, but blocks the sun’s heat. For greater efficiency, add blinds or shades.

5) Blinds

Blinds are another solution to staying cool during the summer heat. With horizontal blinds, cool air may escape, but highly reflective blinds help in maintaining the indoor temperature. Blinds provide flexibility by giving you control over the light and ventilation entering the room. They completely cover the window, thus reducing the heat gain.

Try these window coverings this summer and enjoy a cooler environment, even on the hottest days! These window treatments are not only good at heat reduction, but also cut down your energy bill.