6 Unique Basement Window Treatments Ideas

For a house with basements, window treatments often pose to become a grave threat. You might be looking for a way to make them look prettier with functional window treatments. Basement windows often appear small making the entire room look dingy and unappealing. These require special window treatments that can greatly improve the look convincingly.

Being wider than high, these windows if not treated properly can make your home look more like a prison than a dream abode. Here, we bring to you 6 most useful basement window treatments to make these look great:-

  1. Window Film

Window films are means to making basements look much more interesting and private. Usage of a film helps reduce the amount of light in the room, which can be a great issue if your window is of a smaller size.

  1. Curtains

These are excellent ways of providing warmth to a room. If the basement is damp and cold, it can often be counteracted with very heavy fabric like velvet. Consider length of these curtains, most basements come with small windows making it tempting to use smaller curtains. Usage of a longer curtain creates the illusion of bigger windows. Use airy and light colors will make the house look more appealing. A heavy pattern can be overwhelming.

  1. Blinds

For the ultimate privacy quotient, settle on a simple window blind. If used in lighter shades the blinds can look less intimidating. For a custom look spray the blinds with paint.

  1. Valances

Swags or valances bring in that extra appeal to your decor. Made out of similar kind of fabrics used in curtains, these are designed to cover the top of curtains. Being a purely decorative window covering, valances work great for adding height and grandeur to any short window.

  1. Shutters

Shutters are mostly used by home owners when they are looking to create the illusion of a larger window just below the real one. Such windows look more like doors but not used for passage. Therefore they can be used for storage purposes. If installed properly, these shutters can impart virtually augmented look to the windows.

  1. Vertical Blinds

You must be wondering why a separate section for “Vertical Blinds”. This is because they deserve special attention. Vertical blinds are great if the basement composes a great view, or you want to be able to control the amount of incoming light. Keep the color light for such blinds, so that the room looks brightened when illuminated.

We have some of the top-grade collections of curtains, blinds, valances, swags and shutter for the enhanced look of smaller windows that you are looking for. Your basement looks bigger, brighter and smarter with classy window coverings. Our window treatments strike a perfect balance between functionality and swanky looks.