7 Creative Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring 2021

Jan 2

Winter won’t last forever. Eventually the cold will give way to beautiful flowers and lush greenery, and we’ll all be ready to welcome spring with open arms.

And just as we switch from coats and sweaters to light jackets and airy tops, many of us will want to revamp our homes for spring.

Not sure how? Read on.

How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

It’s been a cold winter, full of snow, ice and rain, and there’s work to do around the house. That includes updating your window treatments, organizing your wardrobe, and tidying your garage and backyard. You should also add these six essential tasks to your spring home maintenance checklist.

1. Layered Bedding

As spring returns, it’s time to swap those heavy fleece bed sheets for lighter fabrics, like cotton or linen. You don’t have to necessarily take away your duvet but consider brighter or lighter bed covers with a natural print to add some style and serenity to your bedroom.

Layered Bedding

The beginning of spring can be hard, particularly because temperatures can change so suddenly. Layering is an easy solution. This way, you can pull up more blankets if you’re chilly or push them down if you’re too warm, all without having to get out of bed.

2. New Window Coverings

Spring is the perfect time to exchange your heavier winter curtains for lighter fabrics like airy sheers, cotton or linen.

Roller blinds, for example, offer a clean, sleek look, that is perfect for spring and summer. They roll up and give an airy feel to your home without hanging around door frames or against walls the way curtains do.

Verticals, on the other hand, let you block sunlight while allowing air to circulate.

Venetians offer the best of both these window coverings, as the slats can be tilted up or down, letting you choose how much light gets in. It’s not advisable to raise your Venetian blinds too often as excess pressure can wear out the string lines.

You may also consider honeycombs for the ultimate in heat control. Made up of cellular or honeycomb-shaped sections that trap air within their cells when they’re down, they keep your home comfortable through the year. What’s more, with a range of operating systems like top-down/bottom-up, you don’t have to sacrifice your view outside.

With some simple changes in window treatments, you’ll be able to diffuse glare or completely block light to help you create the right atmosphere.

New Window Coverings

3. Touch of Freshness

As new grass grows and flowers bloom, small changes to your interior decor can give your home a fresh look and help transition it from winter to spring.

Consider sprucing up your walls with wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint; preferably floral prints. Or, if you don’t have the budget or time for that, keep your spring home maintenance simpler. You can replace old wall art with new family photos, change heavy winter bedding for lighter bed sheets, or add curtains and lampshades in brighter hues.

4. Pops of Colour

Spring is a season of joy and colours – full of nature’s beauty and charm. Hence, it’s a good idea to add in colourful throws, pillowcases, cushion covers and duvets to reflect the change in season. Use bright pops of colour throughout your home to give it a fresh, quirky edge.

5. Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Nothing says springtime more than fresh blooms throughout your home.

Aside from adding a burst of colour, flowers have a soft fragrance that can improve your mood all day long. The best thing about this addition is that flowers are easily available in spring and quite affordable. If you don’t have garden flowers, pick wildflowers or patronize your local florist.

6. Winter Pack Up

Whether you’re short on storage or simply want a better-organized closet, take the time to put away your winter wear and bring out lighter clothing.

Before storing away your winter clothing, make sure that it’s clean, dry, and neatly folded to make your next seasonal transition easier. Avoid using cardboard boxes as they take up space. Instead, place your heavy clothing, including winter coats and snow boots, in tightly-sealed plastic bins. Label each bin and keep them in a personal storage unit for easy and quick identification.

7. Air Conditioning Inspection

Having your air conditioning unit inspected by a certified professional before spring arrives is not only a smart safety measure but helps prolong the unit’s life.

It’s also advisable to check outdoor faucets, receptacles, and lighting for damage. If you have a gas barbeque that has laid unused over the winter, have that checked as well. Any damage should be immediately fixed to avoid danger.

From updating your bedding to painting your walls, there are plenty of ways to welcome spring. Get started with these simple home refreshing tips and make way for the sunny season ahead.