7 Fabulous Decor Trends to Look Forward to in 2019 That You’ll Love

Jan 9

Our homes are like extensions of our personality which is reflected through our interior decor. The trends of interior decor are never static and there is always something new to look forward to each year. It can be the new colour of the year or a design trend returning- if you are an interior decor enthusiast, you will want to keep up with the latest craze. Or if you are considering redecorating your home, you can give these trends a go.

This post discusses even interior design trends which are here to stay for 2019 and can be easily incorporated into your home decor.

Fabulous Decor Trends in 2019

Colour of the year

The chosen colour of the year by PPG paints is night watch green. It is a darker alternative to bottle or hunter green and is a bold and dominating colour. The shade is versatile and looks good in matte as well as a high gloss finish. However, if a full room is too much, consider incorporating this shade in a small but striking manner like a feature wall, or for accessories like area rugs or pillow covers.

Boho decor

Unconventionality and unique designs have always been popular and 2019 is no exception. Though with the advent of synchronized and minimalist trends, this expressive yet offbeat tendency had somewhat taken a backseat. However, many showrooms featuring 2019 styles have numerous furniture and accessories which echo the spirit of Bohemian decor, thus marking its comeback. The unpredictability and whimsical tone of boho decor can highlight the radical side of your personality.

Terrazzo is back

A flooring and furniture style popular in the mid-century era, terrazzo is gaining immense popularity yet again. It is a composite material of marble chips, quartz, granite and glass which has a dramatic and confetti-like abstract look. The contemporary interior decor world has witnessed an influx in demand for terrazzo coffee table tops and floor tiles. Terrazzo motifs are also noted in carpets and wallpapers. The only downside of this material is that it is difficult to replace as a flooring material.

As Sasha Bikoff says here,

“The biggest interior design trend of 2019 is terrazzo. With all this Memphis Milano ’80s craze happening, we are seeing people [buy] terrazzo coffee tables, side tables, and tile floors. We’re even seeing the terrazzo tile motif used on wallpaper and carpets. It’s a trend from the past that is coming back with a modern twist.”

Bright colours and mixed metal tones

The beige and grey minimalism that has dominated interior decor for the past couple of years is diminishing in popularity as more and more people are opting for bold, bright and lively colours. Maximalist interiors with rich textures and dominating tribal-inspired patterns are welcomed by homeowners. Even mixing and balancing different metal accents is a trend that is seeing interest. However, these are rather bold decor ideas and there is always a chance of going overboard and ruining the effect. A professional designer can help you to maintain the balance easily, without such mistakes.

Curved and softer furniture

Curved and rounded-edge furniture last garnered the limelight in the ’60s and has slowly faded from public interest ever since. This year sees a revival of that trend. Rigid and straight-line furniture which have experience decades of popularity has become somewhat monotonous, thus paving the path for these feminine and softer decors. You can incorporate them easily in any kind of room decor. Be it a rounded sofa, or a round-back chair or curved lines and prints on an irregularly shaded carpet- the possibilities are many.

Interior design expert, Alessandra Wood comments,

“Organic shapes will be a big hit this upcoming year. Look out for a revival of curved furniture in 2019. The hard, geometric lines that we’ve seen for the past few years are giving way to softer shapes in both prints and furniture shape.” 

Statement ceiling

A fresh take on colour coordinating your home is creating a statement ceiling instead of a statement wall. It can be painted or lacquered or a texture can be created. Depending on your ceiling size, you can even consider moulding covered ceiling. The priority is on creating an impact with the expressive decor such that your visitors are instantly drawn to look upwards as they walk into your home.

All-black bathroom

Your bathroom is the place to experience a rejuvenating feel at the end of the day. The luxe black interior is bold and has a high-end appeal of a spa parlour which can create the right mood. The key is creating an interior of the bathroom with superior quality products and materials so that you can indulge in a spa-like experience every time you step in the bathroom. This is again a trend that is best left to the professionals as working out black on black without making it appear monotonous is a tricky task.

Home decor trends that are mentioned above can be easily executed by yourself when you have a keen eye for unique products from the top brands. You can seek help from professionals if you have an idea in mind but not sure about where, to begin with. The key is to maintain a balance between the trends and your personal taste to create a home that personifies you.