Achieving a Mid-Century Modern Look : Customized Window Fashions

Oct 4

Post-war America, flaunted a typical sort of décor. The mid-century modern style enjoyed resurgence in this style of décor. Bold colors, flat roofs tamed with hairpin legs, were just a few elements that epitomized the clean and bright feel of these homes. If you live in a building, built in this period from 1940s to 1970s or if you are just in need of bringing back a little mid-century flair to your current home, read on for our top picks.

Dressing a Glass House

One of the major hallmarks of a mid-century modern home is the emphasis on nature and outdoors. This is often manifested in sliding glass doors, large windows, patios and other indoor-outdoor living spaces. Drapes make for an excellent window fashion on this span of windows, as they can be swept aside during the day to maintain the natural views and then closed at night for privacy.

Interior designer Julie China suggests keeping the drapes in neutral shades. Pops of color may be brought in with wallpaper and sofa. The open floor plan is a classic feature of the mid-century ranch home. A window between the living room and the dining room is yet another distinct attribute.

Walking the Straight Line

Contrasting with organic textures and views of nature is mid-modern day’s inclination toward clean straight lines throughout the interior of your home. Roller Shades happen to be a perfect fit for their style, with their sleek minimal design and almost invisible stack when raised. These shades can be used to cover wide windows and glass doors, with a variety of light filtering and blackout options depending on the needs of your home. A roller shade in an eye-catching chevron print pairs nicely with the Eames style chair and industrial table.

Incorporating Geometric Designs

Trends of 1960’s or the 1970’s have never been enough without the mention of prints. For a dash of mid-century, pinch-pleats can be a great option in a geometric pattern with saturated colors the sort of teal, mustard yellow, orange and spring green. Designer collections mostly feature geometric lines, the sort of Jonathan Adler, the Novogratz and the DwellStudio. If your choice is that of a busy and bright material for the shades or drapes, the furniture colors and wall colors can be a little more muted, highlighting the natural earth tones.

Achieving a mid-century look, is just about keeping a few points in mind and keeping the décor intact. In case you need a house that flaunts contemporary window fashions yet holding on to a traditional feel, then we suggest you go for these styles. You won’t be disappointed.