Add Character to your Window Coverings

Sep 9

Window coverings are an essential and integral part of every home. They are also a reflection of the members of the house, their choices, their lifestyle, their profession, their age group, etc. Window coverings should be chose keeping all these factors in mind. These are the factors that determine the choice of window treatments and add character to them as well as the space where they are installed. Here we discuss a few examples that will give you an idea what we are talking about here:

window covering

Homes for middle aged couples

Couples in the middle age ranging in their thirties and forties have a lot of responsibilities to shoulder. They have small young children and pets to take care of. Some families also have senior citizens and elderly members like parents or grandparents in the house. When it comes to window coverings for such homes, cordless or motorized versions are a great idea because with pets and children around there is always are risk of getting them entangled in the dangling cords of window coverings. Also if the old people in the house are wheel chair bound, where free movement is essential, having corded window coverings could be a hazard.

Homes with professionals

Individuals, who have highly committed professional lives like doctors or lawyers, need to unwind and relax at home. A good night’s sleep is much needed for such professionals so that they are able to deliver the best at work. Such people may also bring home some work to prepare for the next day. It is important for such homes to have blackout curtains in the bedroom and study because a peaceful shuteye is essential for such professionals. Also they need peace and calm to concentrate while at work in the study. Installing heavy blackout curtains will help create a peaceful and stressful atmosphere.

Homes with celebrities or people with public lives

Celebrities or people with public lives are an open book! Common people and fans are always interested to know about their private lives. Privacy for such people is precious and they need window coverings that shall keep out prying eyes. Installing sheers that are semi-opaque works best for such homes because people are unable to get free views of the interiors. They help the members of the house to uphold their privacy without being exposed to external crowd.

Location of the house is also an important factor. If you have an adjoining park or a golf course of some other place of public interest in your vicinity, you are bound to have people visiting the neighborhood frequently like children coming to play or people practicing sports or coming for a jog or run. It is important to protect your privacy in such an instance. Sheers are a good option for such homes and you can choose from between semi-opaque to opaque or translucent ones depending upon how you wish to guard your privacy.