Advantages of Roman Shades

As the name suggests, Roman shades were first created by the Romans to keep out sunlight. These window coverings have evolved over the years and are now widely accepted in homes and offices. They come in a variety of styles made of different materials, but ideally created from fabrics. Roman shades typically are created with fabrics of varied textures and installed on windows of every kind. They can be either raised or lowered with the help of cords.


Roman shades fall flat vertically and evenly from top to bottom when in use and are folded evenly in stacks at the top when not in use. The different kinds of folds differentiate the various styles of Roman shades. Flat simple shade looks contemporary while a teardrop, looped or hobbled style is more traditional and formal. However, there is a style for every kind of window that you can choose depending upon your purpose and choice.

Roman shades have some distinct advantages over other window coverings. They are discussed below:

  1. Timeless elegance

Roman shades are timeless in the sense they have existed in various forms since centuries and continue to adorn homes and offices even today. So if you invest in these, you can be rest assured to have spent over something that shall not go out of fashion anytime soon.

  1. Sophistication and Style

These shades lend class and sophistication to whichever space they are installed be it home or office. They add character to a window and give it a soft appearance, adding warmth to the area. This is especially true in case you use fabrics to create your Roman shades. Solid fabrics, stripes, floral prints are highly recommended as they look best.

  1. Neat and even look

Whether in use or not, these shades have a uniform look and feel to it. When they fall flat or are stacked up in folds, it is even imparting a neat and even look. Apart from stacking, manufacturers are coming up with innovative ways to roll up the fabric instead of traditional folds. Plastic or wooden sticks are used to build these shades but they are well concealed owing to the construction pattern.

  1. Light and privacy control

The primary reason why Roman shades were invented was light control. This continues to be a valid cause for installation even today. However the opacity or thickness of fabric determines how much light you would want inside. Sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and opaque are the fabric options that you can choose from. Sheer and semi-sheer have light filtering properties while the opaque and semi-opaque work well for blocking light. Similar logic works for privacy management as well because you can lower or raise them to desired levels.

  1. Simple control mechanism

Roman shades can be maneuvered with cords that come with a lock mechanism making it simple and easy to lower or raise these shades. Latest innovations have given rise to motorized versions that are operated through remote controls and do not have any cords.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Since Roman shades are primarily used for sunlight control, they are an energy efficient window covering that helps in maintaining indoor temperatures. You can choose linings for more effect or also go for cellular or solar shades. Blackout linings work well for bedrooms and studies.

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