Are Automated Window Coverings Worth Investing In?

Aug 11

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular, with many home devices being operable these days by smartphone app or remote control.

One popular example is automated or motorized window coverings. Their many advantages include controlling sunlight by closing and opening at pre-programmed hours. This adds to your comfort and helps to decrease your energy bills.

In this post we discuss the key reasons why automated window coverings are worth the cost.

Let’s get started.

Why Automated Window Coverings Are Great Options for Your Home

Below are the top reasons to choose automated window coverings for your home.

1. They Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If you want to boost your home’s energy efficiency, motorized window blinds are a strong option. Nearly, 30% of heat in your home is lost through your windows, and automated window treatments help save energy and reduce energy bills, especially for tall windows.

In winter they act as a barrier between the window and the air inside the room. Motorized cellular blinds are a great option since their cells can hold trapped air which retains heat inside your space. In summer they may be lowered to keep heat outside. And the cooler the temperature inside, the less you have to use your air conditioning.

2. They Are Safe for Children and Pets 

Motorized shades or blinds are safe because they do not use cords or chains. In fact, their design reduces the risk of choking or strangling kids or pets.

Most motorized window treatments are programmed via timer. This means that they are closed or opened easily via remote control or any smart device.

4. They Are Easy to Operate 

As mentioned, these window treatments can be closed or opened with the press of a remote, smartphone or tablet. They are particularly useful for seniors who have difficulty getting up multiple times to operate their window coverings. These automated window treatments can be operated from anywhere in the house and programmed to open and close at convenient times.

5. They Provide Maximum Privacy 

When the sun sets and you switch on lights, an open window can expose your home to passers-by. However, motorized coverings make sure your windows are covered up properly in the evenings. Depending on the type of fabric used, these window treatments can offer optimum privacy while allowing maximum air and light inside your house.

6. They Provide Security 

Motorized window treatments controlled remotely via smartphone deter thieves and increase your home’s security by creating the impression that you are home when you aren’t.

7. They Protect Furniture from Sun Damage 

When you schedule your automated custom window coverings to open and close at particular times, you can avoid glare. You can also protect your furniture from getting damaged by exposure to the sun.

8. They Don’t Make Annoying Sounds

Unlike window treatments operated by cords, motorized ones move slowly and do not make annoying sounds. Motorized cellular blinds actually insulate against both sound and temperature, while honeycomb ones block direct sunlight as well as outside sound.

Easy operation, optimum privacy and security, protection against sun damage, and safety for children and pets are key reasons why you should choose automated window coverings. If you are still debating which window coverings to buy, consult Lerner Interiors. We offer a wide range of window blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes sourced from the industry’s top brands.