Attractive Windows Coverings for Condos

Sep 7

Owning a new condo is a great experience. Everything is new and there’s an excitement knowing you are the first person to redesign the interiors. But, the most challenging part of interior design is treating the windows.

custom window treatments

Most new condos have floor-to-ceiling windows which are difficult to dress. Many condo owners are left with only a few window treatment options that don’t work well with their sense of style and décor. Don’t worry! In today’s post, we’ll discuss the attractive window covering options for condos that are both beautiful and functional.

1) Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are great for condos designed with a minimalistic approach. They have been a popular choice among condo owners for a long time because of their complete coverage and affordability. This classic window treatment is ideal for large windows like the ones available in condos. Available in a variety of styles, vertical blinds are the perfect way to decorate modern homes.

2) Sheer Drapes

If you want to give an elegant appearance to your windows, then sheer drapes are a perfect choice. The best thing about this option is customization. You can customize sheers according to your requirements and choose from a variety of styles. They work well for condo windows because they are made up of lightweight materials that filter natural light without blocking the outside view of the city.

3) Roller Shades

Roller shades are the simple and economical choice for condo owners who don’t want anything too fancy for their windows. They add a classic style and functionality to your windows, thus giving a traditional look to your décor. Available in both light filtering and blackout options, this window treatment works well with the multiple requirements of a condo living.

4) Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

If you have wooden furniture in your condo, then wood or faux wood blinds will be a good visual match with the décor. These blinds offer light control and give a natural touch to your windows. You can add cornices with this window treatment for adding depth to the floor-to-ceiling windows of your condo. Customize it with motorization for convenient operation.

5) Cellular Shades

Condos have tall windows that allow too much light inside, thus increasing the room heat. To solve this problem, cellular shades are a perfect choice as it provides insulation. The crisp appearance and light control features of this window treatment matched with the contemporary style of condos.

These condo window covering options are modern, sleek, fashionable, affordable and functional that truly reflects your style. Accessorize your windows with the most suitable option and design an aesthetically sound home. Good luck!