What Are the Benefits of Choosing Motorized Blinds?

Apr 10

Window coverings that are close-set against the window, like blinds, have a clean and crisp look that is visually appealing and adds to the sophistication of your home. There are different types of blinds depending on their construction and design that you can choose from. Motorization can be done with most types and it is a very convenient method of using the blinds. These days, we have ways to make manual work much easier and that includes things as little as opening and closing the window coverings.


This post highlights the major benefits associated with motorized blinds, and why you will find them convenient for your home.


Motorizing the blinds makes the whole procedure of opening and closing your window covering way more convenient. You do not have to manually pull up every blind in the house and it can be done simply with the click of a button. If your motorized blinds are designed using smart home systems, they can even be programmed to open and close at a scheduled time. Some of the most convenient perks of having a motorized blind include:

  • Automatic blinds can sense the amount of light within the home and can roll up or down accordingly, ensuring you get enough natural light flowing into your home.
  • You can also set a preferred blind position through the remote control.
  • It is time-saving compared to manually trying to operate the blinds in hard-to-reach windows like the skylight.


Cordless blinds are much safer and more convenient to operate than the corded variants. When you have children and pets running around the house, accidents from dangling cords is always a potential threat.

Smart home technologies allow you to operate your smart home appliances like the motorized blinds through an app in your phone. If you are on a vacation you can still operate the blinds or set them on a timer and create the impression of a home being lived in. Coordinating this with automated lighting can make the impression full proof and dissuade burglars significantly.

Energy efficient

Motorized blinds can detect natural light and operate accordingly. If you modify the settings correctly, it will ensure you get ample sunlight during the day thus eliminating the need for artificial lighting when it is not necessary. During times of high humidity and hot weather, you can shut them down and prevent sunlight from entering which will make sure your home is cooler and you do not need to run the AC too long. Similarly, during winter, it can keep the home warmer when pulled down. All this can be down with a click of the button or simply by scheduling it. You can save a significant amount as the daily energy consumption in your home is reduced.

Maximizes the living area

Another major advantage of the motorized blinds is that they sit close to the window panes and operate on a sleek motorized system which does not need too much space. Hence, the room appears much larger than it is. Also, you can install the motorized blinds to create defined areas in the exterior space you have. This will help you get the maximum utility from your external spaces and make them look modern and appealing too. Make the most of the outdoor space in all seasons when you install the blinds outdoors.

Protects your furniture

As the glare of sunlight and its harshness is mellowed by the blinds, your furniture, art-work and even the wall paint is well protected from the UV rays. Your furniture and art-works can become brittle from continuous exposure to harsh sunlight while the wall paint can fade. When you set a timer and schedule the motorized blinds to open and close accordingly, you do not have to worry about operating them manually, and they will close when the glare of the sun is the brightest.

Important Features to Consider

While there are numerous benefits of motorized blinds, it is important to choose them carefully so that it complements your home décor and serves your functional purposes best.  Here are certain important factors that you must consider when you visit a window covering store providing motorized blinds.

  • Consult the store experts regarding the motors that are to be used so that it can seamlessly sync with the smart home technologies you are opting for.
  • There are different types of blinds which can be motorized like roller blinds, roman shades, blackout blinds, solar shades and many more- the choice should be made depending on your primary concerns.
  • The fabric must be carefully chosen to ensure your home ambience is not compromised and the overall effect is comforting and soothing.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned benefits of the motorized blinds will help you determine whether this is the best choice for your home. Motorized blinds from one of the top brands may be more expensive than non-motorized ones or cheaper replicas, but the additional cost is worth it in the long run.