9 Reasons Why Motorized Shades Are Perfect for Your Home

Sep 1

Window shades are a popular choice for Torontonians who want to control the light coming into their home as well as their privacy. They are modern, sleek, easy to maintain, and durable.

But shades operated by cords can pose a health hazard to both children and pets. Motorized shades, on the other hand, have become quite popular due to their ease of operation and the absence of cords.

They also have other benefits, which we will detail below.

What Are the Advantages of Motorized Shades?

Advantages of Motorized Shades


1. They Are Safe

As mentioned, corded shades pose safety hazards for children and pets. There is always a chance that they can get entangled in looped cords, resulting in suffocation. Motorized shades don’t have cords which is why they are extremely safe.

2. They Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Motorized shades in Toronto are preferred because they boost the energy efficiency of homes in two ways.

First, they offer incredible control over the amount of light coming in through windows. You can raise the shades to let natural light flood in or lower them to block it out. You can also set a timer for the hours you want them opened and closed and not have to worry about them ever. By allowing the sunlight into your home during the day, it will reduce the need to use artificial lighting sources during the day, and help you save on your monthly utility bills.

Secondly, blocking sunlight in summer reduces your need to use air conditioning, while opening the window coverings in winter allows the sunlight to stream in and increases the room’s temperature, thus lowering your need to turn up your furnace.

3. They Protect Furniture

Motorized shades protect your furniture and decor from direct sunlight that can result in discoloration, fading, and irreversible damage. With a touch of your finger, you can decide how much light enters the room and when.

So, if you are sleeping in late and the sun is shining strongly, you don’t have to worry about sunlight damaging your furniture or flooring. Similarly, set the timer on the remote for your shades to close and sleep well.

4. They Increase Your Home’s Security

Usually, shades protect your privacy from passersby and that’s as far as their security goes. But not motorized shades. They offer far better protection as you can set an automatic timer for them to open and close even when you are away, giving the illusion of someone being home. This will discourage potential thieves.

You can also pair them with automated lights for a more powerful effect. Some motorized shades even come with an alarm system in case of intrusion through windows.

5. They Improve Your Sleep

No one wants their sleep disturbed by blinding sunlight. Motorized shades alleviate such issues by blacking out your room for better and more comfortable sleep which is why Toronto homeowners prefer them. You can open your shades at night for cool air and set the timer to close automatically before sunrise, so no more disturbed sleep due to glaring light. You can also set them to open in the morning slowly and gradually so your eyes can adjust to the light instead of being jolted awake.

6. They Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Motorized blinds and shades can be customized to fit perfectly to your window and must be installed professionally. Perfectly-covered windows thus add value to your home. They are also sleek and modern.

Automated homes are increasingly in demand, so if yours is fitted with motorized window treatments, the chances of it being sold at the price you expect are higher.

7. They Are Easy to Control

It is really uncomfortable to get up and close the shades when you are engrossed in a good book or an amazing movie. And if you are a parent of young children, it can be a struggle to close your shades manually.

At moments like these, motorized shades come in handy, as you can open and close them with the touch of the button. You can also schedule the timing for them to open and close automatically, or even let your kids operate them if you are busy.

8. They Integrate with Your Smart Home Devices

A smart home is not just about individual smart devices but how they all work together. Integrated smart devices improve the efficiency of your household. Likewise, motorized shades can work independently or seamlessly with other devices. An integrated system means you can make your shades work alongside other automated devices like thermostat controls or automated lights. For example, you can set the timer for the shades to close, the thermostat to lower the temperature, and the outside lights to come on, and vice versa in the morning.

9. They Offer Privacy

It is aesthetically pleasing to have big windows in the bedroom and bathroom that allow in abundant natural light, but this does compromise your privacy. When needed, you can lower your shades with just a button push. This gives you complete control over your privacy.

Motorized shades come in handy on many occasions and are a safe option for your kids and pets. It is always the best option to have a professional install them so they function properly. Book an appointment to get suitable motorized shades in Toronto for your needs.