Best Window Treatments for Large Windows in Your Toronto Home

Sep 12

Large windows are a special feature in any home. They allow in lots of natural light and offer wonderful views.

But they don’t provide a lot of privacy, and if you don’t have suitable window treatments, sunlight can damage and discolour your furniture and other valuables.

Thankfully, there are several suitable window treatments available for homeowners in Toronto. Here we discuss the best options so you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get started.

Decorate Large Windows with Appropriate Window Treatments in Toronto

Let’s discuss the different types of window treatments appropriate for large windows.

1. Roman Blinds

These are made from lightweight fabric and are operated with a pulley. They create horizontal pleats or folds when lifted which helps to create a formal look. Plus, you can select from a variety of linings to match your privacy and lighting requirements.

2. Plantation Shutters

These shutters are favoured by many homeowners because they are low maintenance, easy to clean and reduce energy bills.

However, selecting the right material for them is vital to prevent them from drooping on large windows. Wood, polymer, or a blend of these two materials is suggested to keep them functional and attractive over the years.

3. Cellular Shades

These popular window coverings are known for their small stack and sleek profile. They are good for large windows because they make it easy to enjoy the view outside. The perfect size of this window treatment’s cells is ¾ inches for maximum functionality and beauty.

But cellular shades also come in large sizes, up to 12 feet wide, and their thick materials can make them difficult to lift.

A wide range of colour options is also available to suit any style of home decor. Plus, they come with a wide range of blackout and light-controlling options.

4. Venetian Blinds

These slatted blinds are available in different materials like vinyl, metal, and wood. They provide optimum privacy, security, and light control.

These versatile window coverings complement all types of home decor, from traditional and rustic to contemporary. They are easy to install and require little maintenance. Because of their durability, they are also suitable for areas with high moisture levels such as bathrooms.

5. Faux Wood Blinds

faux wood blinds

These wood blinds are suitable for windows in humid areas like laundry rooms and kitchens because they are highly resistant to cracking and fading. They are also affordable and act as beautiful window coverings for large windows.

For a wall with multiple windows, faux wood blinds with a 3-on-1 headrail help to create a smooth and pleasing appearance. (A 3-on-1 headrail features three blinds working independently and sharing a single, continuous headrail.) This allows for easier lifting and an uncluttered look to the blinds.

6. Roller Shades

Roller shades are one of the most cost-effective window treatment options for large windows. Their stylish rollers have a clean line and form a tiny stack when rolled up, even in the case of large windows.

They come in a variety of patterns, textures, and colours, and shades with custom graphic designs are also available. These are your best options for a home with a minimalist contemporary design and large windows.


Now that you know the best window treatments for large windows in Toronto, we believe that this may help you make a better purchase. Are you looking for custom drapes or curtains for your living room or any space in your Toronto-area home? For all premium window coverings, get in touch with Lerner Interiors. We are Toronto’s leading window treatments company, offering top-quality blinds, shades, shutters, drapes, and curtains sourced from top brands at the most competitive prices.