Best Window Treatments for Your Sunroom

Sep 5

A sunroom is airy and light and is often considered to be the best room in the home. The natural light and the big glass windows make it an ideal space to entertain guests and family, watch a film or simply relax on a lazy afternoon.

If you want this room to be the best place and plan a cost-effective makeover, start off with the window treatment. Go for budget-friendly coverings that let in ample amount of natural light, give you a view of the outside surroundings, ensure energy-efficiency and protect your privacy. Here are some window treatment ideas, that will make your sunroom the most comfortable room of your home.

Best Window Treatments for Your Sunroom

Classic Plantation Shutters

This is a classic addition to any home and allows sunlight into the room. Plantation shutters are generally custom-built and can become a part of the permanent fixtures in your home while also adding value to it. The large louvres can allow you to get a full view of the outdoors when kept open. They are extremely easy to adjust for privacy and light control and are also simple to clean. Plantation shutters can also be made to swing out if you want to open up your sunroom windows to let the fresh air in.

Sunrooms are meant to have many windows that give you a view of your surroundings. However, that much glass means that it is not possible for the room to be energy efficient. Plantation shutters can come in handy as they can provide insulation. They are capable of reducing heat transfer by around 45% and are considered to be about 70% more energy efficient than wooden shutters.

Decorative Roman Shades

Decorative Roman shades are a type of window treatment that provides easy light control. They are available in numerous fabrics and patterns and a variety of styles like modern, contemporary and classic. When you want less light and privacy, all you need to do is pull the shades all the way to the bottom. Simply pull them back up when you want light flooding into the area and an outdoor view. You can also add other options such as cordless lift systems, privacy liners, decorative scallops and trims and motorization. Pick out shades built using good materials if you are looking for energy efficiency. Remember that shades built from dense materials can insulate much better than ones made using lighter materials.

UV-Blocking Window Films

Window films allow a full view outdoors through the sunroom windows. It can help block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV-rays while allowing natural light to enter the room. It can reflect and absorb the energy of the sun and keep your sunroom at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. This, in turn, can reduce the stress on your HVAC system and help you save on your annual energy costs.

UV-blocking window films can protect your carpeting and furniture and keep its colours. Any direct sunlight that streams through your windows can fade the carpet and furniture in the room. You can also choose to add privacy tinting which allows you to see the outside of the room but not inside the sunroom from the outside. Window film can also be added to different window treatments such as plantation shades and shutters for increased energy efficiency.

Finding the perfect window treatment for your sunroom should not be a daunting task. No matter what you decide to have installed in your sunroom, make sure it doesn’t look drab. Take it to the next level in terms of design by updating the window treatment from the suggestions mentioned above.