Blackout Window Treatments for Different Rooms in Your Home

Apr 4

One of the worst things after a tiring day is getting ready for bed and seeing bright lights gleaming through the windows even after you’ve closed them. Or, you’re sitting on the couch watching your favourite movie or sports channel when you get glare on your TV from the sun. It makes it impossible to see the complete screen. Though a problem, it can be easily fixed with blackout window treatments which are the ideal solution for any room in your home. Blackout prevents light from entering a room and can be added to most window coverings. Here are some of the rooms that blackout window treatments go best with.

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The kitchen is one of the brightest rooms in your home. Most homeowners love the feel of the sun while they read the newspaper and drink coffee. The bright light helps wake them up. However, it can be annoying having the hot sun glaring at you as you prepare a hot meal for your family or guests. Blackout window treatments are perfect for these situations. They let you block out the light as and when you see fit. Also, keeping the blackout shades closed during the peak hours of the sun helps cut down your energy bills.

Living Room

The living room may not be the perfect place for blackout shades. However, when you require security and privacy, it’s the perfect window treatment. Blackout window treatments provide ultimate privacy to homeowners.  It helps when you want to be comfortable in your own home and don’t want prying eyes to disturb you. It’s the perfect solution ensuring your private matters remain private.


The bedroom may be one of the most important rooms to have blackout shades in. The most important reason being to provide privacy. Another benefit that blackout window treatments in the bedroom give is that they help you sleep better as there won’t be any light getting past them to disturb you. It could be the best option for people who work nights and sleep during the day. The blackout treatments also help to keep the room cool during the warm summer months and to trap in the heat during the colder winter months.


Baby’s Room

Blackout window treatments can give your baby the best when it comes to their room. Along with providing security and privacy, they also help them get a good night’s rest which is essential for their growth and development. They can also be motorized and with the touch of a button, your child will have a comfortable dark room to sleep in. Motorizing your blackout treatments also eliminates the dangers of dangling cords, keeping your child safe. 


Your bathroom is an inanimate place which needs as much privacy as possible. Blackout shades can be important when you need to jump out of the tub and you’ve forgotten your towel and must avoid anyone seeing you. Motorized blackout shades are ideal for bathrooms when you have hard-to-reach windows which may seem impossible to cover. A touch of a button can prevent any “accidents” from happening.

Numerous benefits mentioned above make blackout shades perfect for any room in your home. They’re a worthwhile investment and are the perfect choice to be installed in any of the most-used rooms in your home. They’re sure to satisfy your needs, whatever they may be.