Blinds V/S Curtains: What Should You Opt For?

Feb 19

When it comes to window coverings you are spoilt for choice since there are too many options available in home decor stores these days. However, drapes, curtains and blinds are the most popular as they can be customized according to requirements of different spaces be it an office, or home or a showroom or any other space.

window blinds

Whether to go for blinds or curtains – is common dilemma and debated upon as to which is better especially if you are looking for window coverings for your home. Let us take up each factor at a time to help you choose between the two. Apart from the usual considerations for window coverings, an important factor that most people tend to overlook is the health of those residing in the house. If children or adults in the house are prone to asthma or dust allergies, then installing blinds can actually be a disaster. Blinds attract dust like no other covering and soon turn into home for dust mites that settle into the crevices and corners and this can trigger off serious health conditions! If you are faced with such a situation curtains are much better as they do not allow much dust to lodge in. Also it is much easier to clean curtains as compared to blinds for which you may also need professional help.


The next consideration is that of light. Blinds are simply great at blocking out every kind of external light from coming into the room. Curtains can only diffuse lights but cannot shut them out completely. If you are not too keen on blinds, yet want to block outside light, you can install a combination of curtains and drapes that are much heavier than the curtains and do a good job at concealing all light coming into the room. Blinds are a good option for bedrooms while you can have curtains in the kitchen that needs to be a well lit area.

The next factor that you need to think about is the existing decor of your house. Different rooms can be done up in different styles, so you ought to judge for yourself whether blinds or curtains shall go with that. Picking something that is completely contrasting the room will give the room an unpleasant look and feel. For example if your house is old and archaic and has high ceilings, then heavy drapes and curtains will add to the old world charm while if you are in a modern apartment, then blinds will probably be a better option as they impart a spacious and airy feel to the space.

Last but certainly not the least, your preference of window coverings ought to take precedence over everything else. If you wish to give a colorful and lively disposition to your home, then curtains are the best and if you want to keep it simple, blinds are what you should go for. Though some crucial factors have been enumerated and discussed above, remember that blinds or curtains – both add to the character of the room and the house overall, so decide accordingly!