How to Brighten Your Living Space with Roller Shades

Apr 16

Window coverings are meant to make your home look tidier and more sophisticated, and roller shades do this perfectly. They’re suitable no matter your current decor and have many benefits, such as availability, variety, simplicity, low cost and maintenance. They also play a crucial role in brightening your home.

Here, we share a few tips and suggestions on how to use them to make your home appear brighter and more spacious. Keep them in mind to make an informed buying decision.

Benefits of Roller Shades

There are many benefits to roller shades, which make them a popular choice among homeowners looking for simple, elegant and budget-friendly window treatments.

  • They’re Subtle and Sophisticated

Roller shades have a simple, sophisticated design that makes them suitable for every type of home. They also complement your interior design without becoming the room’s focal point.

Depending on the type of fabric they’re made with, you can expect corresponding light filtration and privacy. Lastly, the overall look is neat and creates an illusion of space.

  • They’re Versatile

Roller shades are among the most versatile window treatments as they go with any decor.

Moreover, depending on the amount of light and air circulation you want, you can choose the fabric accordingly, from 99% blackout fabric to translucent material. They also come in a wide variety of fabrics, colours, patterns and features.

  • They Don’t Cost Much

The cost of roller shades depends on the fabric. However, their overall price is still comparatively lower than other shades, without compromising their functionality.

  • They’re Easy to Care For

Their minimalist design means there’s nowhere for dust to collect. Also, as they don’t have individual parts like shutters and blinds, they require less repair and maintenance but still last for years. Nor are they mechanically complex.

Tips to Brighten Your Room with Roller Shades

Many homeowners love an airy, bright and refreshing interior. With large windows, less clutter and the right window treatment, you can achieve this in any house, irrespective of its size.

Here are a few tips on how roller shades can create a brighter living space:

  • Use Matte and Solid Colour Fabrics

Glossy surfaces create glare which can be disturbing and even cause retinal fatigue, but a matte and solid colour roller shade will diffuse light. The colour of fabric you choose should complement your interiors to achieve an overall symmetry.

For a minimalist interior, neutral shades like beige, gray, tan and pastel are popular.

  • Use Translucent Materials

The fabric of your roller shades impacts your home’s ambience so choose carefully.

Translucent materials, including linen and cotton, are a smart choice, as they’re opaque enough to maintain privacy but sheer enough to let in a soft, diffused light that uniformly brightens the room. They also eliminate shade and harsh light.

  • Try a Bright Pop of Colour With Accessories

A brighter and livelier home calls for using radiant colour in a well-balanced manner. It’s not necessary to choose a fabric with colours that pop; you can also consider hardware. Roller shades with highly polished brass or chrome hardware give your home an instant facelift.

You can alternatively choose a fabric with colourful patterns, but be careful about matching it with the rest of your decor. Want a safe but colourful choice? Try using chequered roller shades.

  • Place Furniture Smartly

Roller shades alone can’t make your home look bright and spacious. To get the maximum use out of your window treatments, a smart furniture layout is also important.

Avoid pushing all your furniture up against the wall, especially under a window. If you must put any furniture there, make sure it’s not blocking the light. Leave at least a foot gap between the wall and furniture so they don’t cast shadows.

  • Don’t Mix Window Coverings

Many homeowners prefer pairing separate window coverings, like curtains with shades or shutters. Curtains have folds and layers that absorb more light and make the room appear darker. Relying only on roller shades reduces the bulk of the fabric and ensures that the light is less obstructed. If you feel that roller shades are not enough for winter, hang curtains for that season.

Letting in light and air can make your home feel brighter and more spacious. With simple, elegant and versatile window coverings like roller shades, this is simple to do. Use these tips to make your home appear bigger, more elegant and beautiful without much effort or expense.