Busting Myths About Custom Draperies in Toronto

Jan 10

Are you looking for perfect custom draperies in Toronto? Then you need to learn the facts. Because unless you are an expert designer, you can end up with badly hung or mismatched window draperies.

In this post, we debunk a few common myths about custom draperies. Let’s get started.

Debunking Common Myths About Custom Draperies

When it comes to custom draperies, you need to select the right product in the right size, colour, and texture. This makes the selection process hard. Fortunately, Lerner Interiors is a leading custom drapery company serving the GTA for over 30 years. Here, we bust some common myths about custom draperies and help you make the best purchase decision.

  1. They’re Expensive: Although they involve a higher initial cost than readymade ones, custom draperies are of higher quality and last longer. Moreover, they are more energy-efficient and effective at light control because they are designed to fit your window.
  1. Their Installation Isn’t Easy: Expert window covering installers make it look easy. They will arrive at the scheduled time and follow every step meticulously to ensure your drapes are put in properly and safely.
  1. They Should be Hung on the Window Trim: It’s wrong to think that the right place to hang custom draperies is on the window trim. This arrangement creates the illusion of short windows and blocks natural light. The best option is to instead hang these drapes high; at least one to two inches from the ceiling. Their inner edge must fall on the outer edge of the window thus allowing in plenty of natural light. This may also help to create the illusion of a wider, taller window.
  1. They Don’t Take Function into Account: If you are placing draperies or curtains in windows where it would be difficult to raise or lower them, then consider motorization. Motorized curtains or drapes are not only convenient but add to your house’s security and energy efficiency.
  1. You Need to Select Drapery Colours as Per Your Decor: With custom draperies, you have the freedom to choose the pattern, colour, and design you want. At Lerner Interiors, our professionals help to create draperies that are beautiful, stylish, and functional.
  1. Draperies Don’t Need To Be Lined: Many homeowners don’t prefer lining with custom draperies because they think it will cost them too much. But our experts suggest that lining protects windows from harmful sun rays and adds depth or fullness to draperies, thus making them look more luxurious with well-defined pleats. Moreover, multiple drapery lining fabrics are available that may cater to your needs. These include insulating, fire-retardant, and blackout linings.
  1. They’ll Obstruct Your View Outside: If you have a sunroom or sliding glass door, you may use a window covering like drapery while enjoying the view outside. Do you think a drapery will obstruct your view? It won’t. In fact, you can get privacy and light control by covering your sunroom’s windows with these window treatments. Moreover, they can be easily adjusted to let you enjoy the view outside during the day and then cover them at night for maximum privacy.
  1. They’re Inappropriate If You Want a Minimalist Aesthetic: It’s a popular but false belief that window treatments such as draperies should be avoided if you want to embrace a minimalist aesthetic. The fact is you need to choose a suitable option and not simply skip it. Although draperies are not a popular choice for minimalist decor, they may be installed with a few specifications. For instance, choose a neutral colour or wave pleats, avoid patterns, and never use holdbacks or tiebacks.
  1. There Are No Window Treatments for Oddly-Shaped Windows: Many dealers offer custom draperies or other window coverings that can be fit to your windows. And it doesn’t matter whether the window is smaller or larger than standard. The industry has evolved a lot, to the point where the size and shape of your window is not a limitation. No matter how oddly-shaped your window may be, our experts can design a perfect covering for it.

Misconceptions about custom draperies may be prevalent but believing them can result in you not getting your ideal home decor. Instead, use them to decorate your windows in an attractive way and keep your living space comfortable and pleasant. If you want help in choosing a perfect home window covering, feel free to contact us.