Top 7 California Blinds Available for Your Toronto Home

Oct 15

Ready to replace your old window coverings with something newer and better? Consider investing in California blinds. They are popular in West Coast households (hence, the name) and may prove a great option for your Toronto home thanks to their beauty and ease of maintenance.

If you are searching for these types of blinds, you need an industry leader like Lerner Interiors that sells high-quality products and provides top-notch installation services at reasonable prices.

Here are seven types of California blinds that are available for your Toronto home.

7 Best California Blinds for Your House in Toronto

California blinds are a preferred window covering in Toronto. Here, we explore different styles made from different materials.

1. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the most popular style of blinds. Their horizontal slats are attached with string or strips of cloth known as tapes. When these blinds are raised, the bottom slat can be pressed into the slat above it. They can also be custom-fitted for any window, even arched ones.

2. Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have individual slats that run along a track at the blind’s top. Based on the style, they either open from side to side, or by parting in the middle. These blinds are a popular choice for patio doors and floor-to-ceiling windows but may be used over smaller windows as well.

3. Wood Blinds

Are you looking for the best window blinds for your living room or any other room? Want something beautiful and durable? Available in a wide range of natural colours and designs, wood blinds are also popular because they are easy to maintain. You only have to dust them with little to no moisture to keep them looking beautiful and new for years to come.

4. Faux Wood Blinds

Do you love the look of wood blinds but can’t afford them? Then consider faux wood blinds. They offer the look of natural wood at a fraction of the cost while perfectly mixing sophistication and functionality.

5. Aluminum Blinds

If you’re looking for a window blind option that offers durability, a wide range of colours, and low price, consider aluminum blinds. This window treatment will prove to be a great choice for someone looking to get rid of unattractive window coverings.

6. Mini Blinds

Mini blinds offer a timeless look that make any home stand out beautifully. They are also affordable and easy to maintain which will keep even the most stressed-out homeowner happy.

7. Vinyl Blinds

If you’re looking for a blind option that won’t snap or break easily, vinyl blinds are strong enough to stand up to even strenuous regular use. That includes heavy cleaning to get them looking brand new.

California Blinds vs. Shutters: Which Is Right for You?

California Blinds vs. Shutters

It is a challenge trying to narrow down which window covering option is best for your home. Compared to blinds, California shutters are also popular but more expensive. They also only come in three common materials: wood, faux wood, and vinyl. Here we’ll take a look at the benefits and potential drawbacks for both California shutters and blinds.


Pros of California Shutters

Safe for families: Shutters have no dangling cords or strings. This makes them ideal for families with children and pets.

Great for rooms that require airflow: They allow lots of airflow when you open your windows, making them ideal for stuffy rooms.

Great for kitchens and bathrooms: This is because they allow lots of privacy but you can still get natural light when you want it also.

Perfect for large windows and doorways: They are a great choice for sliding doors, as they pull away easily when you need to open your door and walk through.


Cons of California Shutters

Limited style options: California shutters all look pretty much the same, and there are not many style choices compared to other window treatments.

Costly: These shutters are durable because they are made with high-quality, thick materials such as wood or faux wood. This quality is reflected in its price tag.


Pros of California Blinds

Cost-Effective: These window treatments are often chosen by homeowners because they are cost-effective. This makes them perfect if you need to replace or add window treatments to multiple windows at once.

Great for any room: These highly functional, efficient, attractive, and traditional window coverings work well in almost any room.

Many styles and options: Homeowners have many options, which means they can pick the style and material that best suits their preferences and budget.

Great Light Control: Most styles of California blinds allow for a large degree of light and privacy control by opening or closing the slats as per your liking.


Cons of California Blinds

Dangling cords and strings may be dangerous: Many blinds come standard sizes with drawstrings or cords. These can create a potential hazard for children and pets. You can get motorized or cordless blinds at an extra cost.

Not aesthetically pleasing: These blinds have come a long way but are still generally chosen for their cost-effectiveness rather than their aesthetic appeal. You may find some attractive blinds, but many homeowners view drapes or shutters as the more attractive option.

It’s up to you to decide what is most important. Are you looking for the most cost-effective option? Do you want one that requires little maintenance? These questions are important to ask before you select your new window treatments. At Lerner Interiors, we can help you every step of the way – including before you choose your window coverings. Consulting with the experts can help you narrow your choices and choose the option that is best for you and your home. Go through our customer reviews to learn more about the type of services we provide.