Cellular Shades: 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Them

Jan 11

Cellular shades (also called honeycomb shades) are quite popular among indoor window treatments. But are cellular shades a smart investment? What are the key facts to know before you buy cellular shades for your home? This blog will give you the answers.

Important Facts About Cellular Shades

These facts will explain why cellular shades are (probably) the best window treatment for your home.

What Are Cellular Shades?

Cellular (or honeycomb) shades are window treatments constructed using multiple layers of fabric. The internal compartments between the layers resemble cells and are designed to create insulation. If you’re looking to replace your home’s window treatments, there are many reasons to consider cellular shades.

4 Reasons Why Cellular Shades Are a Smart Investment

1. They Create Insulation

They Create Insulation

As mentioned, cellular shades offer superior insulation owing to their honeycomb-shaped air pockets. These cells prevent warm air from escaping in winter and cold air from entering. This mechanism is reversed in summer, resulting in your home being comfortable year-round. This energy-efficient option reduces utility bills. The more cells your shades have, the more energy you save.

2. They Come in Single and Double Cell Varieties

Cellular shades have one air pocket (single-cell design) while others have two (double-cell). Which you should choose depends on your budget and local climate.

They Come in Single and Double Cell Varieties

Double-celled varieties are typically more expensive but are better suited to particularly hot or cold climates due to their better insulation. Single-cell cellular shades are adequate for regions without extremities in heat or cold.

3. They Offer Privacy

They Offer Privacy

Cellular shades offer great privacy as their multiple layers of fabric block out light better than other shades. This makes it virtually impossible to look through them from outside. Double cell varieties are best and come in blackout options, making them suitable for nurseries and bedrooms.

4. They Can Be Customized

Cellular shades can be customized to perfectly fit uniquely-shaped windows. So whether you have skylights, arches, hexagons or angled windows, you can find a cellular shade to completely cover them.

They Can Be Customized

Cellular shades are a smart investment. They save on your energy bills and are available in a wide range of colours and styles, so you’re sure to find something suitable.