A Handy Guide to Choosing the Best Fabric for Window Draperies

Whether you’re moving into a new house or planning to refurbish your existing home, there’s one thing about the décor that you just can’t ignore – draperies. No matter how modern your furniture or how expensive your furnishings, you still need good draperies to set the tone of the room. When choosing a curtain or drape, always prefer utility over style. In fact, one of the most important aspects to consider is the fabric. It influences the way your curtains hang and drape, their texture, coverage, longevity, and ease of cleaning. Here’s a checklist of 5 trending curtain materials so you can decide which one best matches your décor and everyday needs.

Best Fabrics for Window Curtains

Polyester Drapes

Beautiful polyester drapes

This is the most commonly used fabric for curtains, because of its durability and affordability. Available in a range of colours, patterns and designs, polyester curtains are a big hit. Polyester drapes, unlike cotton, don’t shrink, wrinkle or stretch. They require low maintenance and are perfect for people with busy lifestyle. If you have kids at home, or you are living temporarily in a rented property, polyester is a good option.

While polyester drapes are good for bedrooms and guest rooms, they aren’t suitable for the kitchen as they are easily flammable. They are not recommended for high traffic areas as they restrict air-circulation, absorb odours and get stained easily.

Linen Drapes

Stylish linen drapes

When it comes to property furnishings, nothing can beat the elegance of linen. A trademark for comfort and luxury, linen never goes out of fashion. Use linen curtains in your bedroom or contemporary living area to make them look fresh and vibrant. Its natural weave allows plenty of fresh air while still providing privacy to the inmates.

During the winter months, linen provides heat insulation, helping you to save money on your energy bills. With the world becoming environmentally conscious, it’s a good idea to ‘go green’ with this eco-friendly fabric. Moreover, linen is easy to maintain and becomes softer with every single wash. There are many furnishing drapery stores that deal in linen draperies. You can either choose the natural linen colour or go for a dyed variety. The choice is all yours.

Cotton Drapes

White cotton drapes

Nothing exudes more comfort and style than a set of pure cotton drapes. Their crisp, clean fall make them a suitable match for both modern and traditional interior décor. Cotton curtains drape well, which make them a great window treatment for formal dining spaces.

If you’re looking to block sunlight and enjoy privacy in your bedroom, go for cotton drapes with a tight weave. On the hand, if you want a light, airy ambience, opt for the sheer variety.

Cotton is easy to care for. It cleans and dries quickly, and may be washed frequently as required. Once dried, simply iron them and they’ll look as good as new. The natural fibres give them a super soft feel and make them the perfect fabric choice for summer furnishing.

Silk Drapes

Silk window drapes

When it comes to window treatments, silk curtains are the most elegant choice. Silk is heavier than other fabric materials and have an excellent fall. This flowy, dramatic look is perfect for bedrooms and formal dining rooms. If you’re hanging silk curtains in rooms that’s exposed to a lot of sunlight, consider protecting them with window shades. Silk is a delicate material and susceptible to sun damage. That’s why proper protection is a must. Coming to maintenance, silk needs professional dry cleaning by a specialist laundry cleaning service. On the other hand, faux silk curtains are easier to clean and offer more durability. Use accessories like ties and valances to hold back silk curtains and create a more romantic look.

Remember, each fabric drapes differently from an elevation and which is why they’ll look different when gathered and drawn back. Each fabric has its own benefits and comes with specific care instructions. Understand your individual needs and choose the one that suits you best. Once you’ve chosen the curtain fabric, go on to select the best drapery store in your city. Choose from a wide range of styles, colours and designs, and give your home a quick makeover.