Biggest Myths About Commercial Window Draperies

Aug 11

When it comes to commercial property renovation, you’ll get different opinions about what works and what does not. That is particularly true for window draperies. Some people think that curtains are mere decorative items with no place in a commercial set-up, while others know their importance but have been misled by common myths around drapes. If you are not experienced in the field of window treatments, you may fall victim to these myths. Let us take a quick look at some of them and the facts behind them.

Decoding Common Misconceptions About Commercial Drapery

1. Myth: All Curtains Are a Fire Hazard

Fact: Fire resistant curtains specially suited for commercial buildings can help make your workspace safer and give you additional peace of mind.

Fire hazards exist in all commercial set-ups, including stores, hospitals and offices. Improper use of extension cords, using appliances incorrectly, and smoking indoors are some of the most common reasons for fires in the workplace. Moreover, common store and office items like paper, wooden furniture, and cardboard boxes are highly flammable. Choosing a flame-retardant drapery fabric reduces the risk of fire to a great extent. Some fabrics are coated with a class of chemicals called PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) that work as flame retardants.

2. Myth: Window Treatments Will Make Your Workspace Too Dark

Fact: Not all window treatments are the same. Only a handful are meant to block light.

Room darkening window coverings are perfect for bedrooms and theatre rooms but not for all workplaces. Draperies come in a range of materials and opacities, from sheer to translucent to complete blackout, and even blackout curtains can be pulled up during the day to let in light. Choose a curtain suitable to your work environment and light control needs. For example, if you own a laboratory or photo studio, blackout window treatments are a great choice. On the contrary, sheer drapes are perfect for showrooms and cafes where you want the ambience to be airy and bright.

3. Myth: Commercial Curtains Are High-Maintenance

Fact: Curtains in domestic interiors need more maintenance than those in commercial spaces.

Installing curtains in an office is very different from installing them in homes. Unlike workplaces, there are all kinds of environmental pollutants in homes, including kitchen grease and smoke, dust particles that come in through open doors and windows, pipe or cigar smoke, and more. As such, your home drapes need more thorough and frequent cleaning than commercial draperies.

Commercial window shade

4. Myth: Motorized Drapes Are a Waste of Money

Fact: Motorized draperies are often a wise choice, from both aesthetic and functional perspectives.

Like any new product, motorized roller shades started out expensive because the technology was new and only a few people invested in them. However, with time and innovation, their prices have dropped significantly. Even the ones with advanced features like Bluetooth are affordable; these also let you operate from a remote control, in-wall keypad, or even a smartphone or tablet device. Of course, they are more expensive than regular curtains, but the many benefits they offer, justify their price.  From energy-efficiency to ease of use, there are many reasons why motorized shades are popular in commercial spaces.

5. Myth: Draperies Are a No-No for a Minimalist Workspace

Fact: Curtains have nothing to do with minimalist interior designs. The key lies in choosing the right drapery fabric, colour, pleats and hardware.

Minimalist design is growing increasingly popular and with it the misconception that draperies aren’t a part of this aesthetic. While minimalist design is all about simplicity, essential elements and ultra-clean lines, skipping window treatments altogether can affect the look and functionality of your workspace. From privacy to energy efficiency, curtains offer many benefits, and you cannot forgo them for the sake of design. You can still achieve the minimalist look with the right window treatment, neutral wall colour, and simple furniture designs.

6. Myth: Operating Window Shades Is Complicated and Time Consuming

Fact: Motorized window treatments can be raised and lowered with one simple touch, hence saving you time and energy.

Many commercial property owners think that window draperies are difficult to operate, time consuming and occupy a lot of space. They often use window films to save time, space and effort (involved in opening and closing draperies). However, they are less effective at night and are usually quite expensive. However, there do exist a number of motorized and cordless window treatments that are easy to operate and affordable. You can control them remotely and even pre-program them to automatically operate throughout the day.

7. Myth: Working with a Window Covering Specialist Is Useless and Expensive

Fact: A window covering specialist saves you valuable time and energy.

When working with a window treatment professional, you pay for their time, knowledge and expertise. They take a lot of things into consideration before finding the products to fit your requirements. Commercial properties are different from domestic ones and have specific requirements. Shopping for curtains online can save you a few dollars, but you may not get the kind of fabric you ordered. Moreover, if something goes wrong during your DIY installation, you have no one to blame but yourself. It would be best to consult a reputable window covering company since they have the experience to assist you with commercial window installation.

Window treatments play an important role in enhancing the beauty and functionality of a workplace. Your choices can either add value to your property or leave you with an expensive mistake. A window treatment professional will understand your specific needs and come up with a plan to suit your style and budget.