How to Create a Cozy Living Space This Winter

Dec 11

Longer nights and shorter days along with the rapid drop in temperatures can only mean one thing, which is, winter is here. The brisk weather outside means you will want your home to be snug and comfortable. Although space heaters and wood-burning fireplaces can provide heat, yet you need the right decor elements to ensure your home is cozy and welcoming this wintertime.

Incorporate these winter decor tips and bring warmth into your home. With our decorating ideas, you can learn the best ways in which you can relax, both during the holiday season and afterwards.

Use Candles

This is perhaps the smallest and most effective addition you can make to add some warmth to your home. Add scented candles and snuggle in through the long and cold winter nights. Aroma candles are available in numerous scents such as cinnamon, musky cloves, sweet orange,and roasted chestnuts among many others. Additionally, scented candles can make your home appear more inviting and cosier.

Use Candles

Accessorize with Warm Colours

Warm and rich colours have the ability to create a perception of warmth anywhere they are used in. You can opt to decorate your armchairs and sofa with cushions in rich colours such as orange and red, evoking feelings of comfort and adding interest to the space. The best thing to do is to store the cool nickel, chrome and silver accessories and use bronze, copper,and gold instead as they are associated with the winters. It can also help you instill some energy into your living space.

Accessorize with Warm Colours

Add Fluffy Pillows

You can pile up your sofas and armchairs with cuddly pillows and place them in a way that looks careless and neglected. This makes the complete look fall into place. You can choose to add linen colours and bring sweetness to your home. Selecting pure white materials can help catch the winter sunlight if your room has windows placed in that way. Remember that volume is an important aspect and it can make any space look more inviting.

Add Fluffy Pillows

Lay Thick Rugs

Dense and thick rugs that come in beautiful designs and colours help add lots of cheer with their texture to a cold room. An area rug can also be a practical addition since they provide insulation against the cold floor. Place a sheepskin or soft wool rug by your bed and keep your feet nice and toasty while ensuring you give your bedroom a luxurious and chic look. However, if you prefer having rugs which are easy to maintain and clean, you can purchase polyester or cotton alternatives that have a high thread count. Even if your room has wall-to-wall carpeting, you can still add a rug and make the room more visually appealing. If your bedroom has more neutral shades, you can play with different patterns and colours too.

Lay Thick Rugs

Purchase Flannel Bedding

Homeowners consider flannel to be one of the best fabrics for the winters. Not only does it ensure you are comfortable and snug but it also provides quite a comfortable feel against your skin. Also, flannel sheets can seal your body’s natural warmth within itself so you will not have to add layers of other blankets.

Invest in Heavy Drapes

Adding heavy drapes in any room can help give it a wintery look, more so than other materials like window treatments made with sheer fabrics. You can opt for curtains made using a neutral coloured burlap. They are a popular choice and considered to be great by many homeowners. You can also layer your window coverings using additional panels, to provide a cosy look to the room. Having dark draperies can help block out the sun, making your room seem more den-like. But, if you are someone who prefers having sunshine in your room, you can choose lighter alternatives as they will be easier to open and close.

Change the Foliage

You can trade out the vibrant fall flowers with more winter centric decorative pieces. Choose holly, winterberries, pinecones, pine needles and cinnamon sticks instead of the standard flowers that are more preferable during the summer and spring months.

Add Shots of the Holiday Colours

You can add elements of holiday-themed colours such as dark green, red and also add a few gold accessories here and there such as candy cane jars, candle burners, glittering stars among many others. But, remember to keep it simple and not to accumulate too many things in the same space as this can throw the whole look and make it look cluttered and clumsy.

Shots of the Holiday Colours

Soften Up the Lighting

If your bedroom is filled with harsh lighting resulting in an unnatural feeling, you can replace your window treatments as needed. Also, you can change your light settings and replace the cool, white lights with warmer yellow ones. Remember, softer lighting can make the room look more intimate and cosier.

Highlight the Fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, you can draw attention to it by decorating it for the winter. Accent pieces and new decorations can give your mantel a facelift and make it the centrepiece of the room. It can be a beautiful addition while keeping you warm and acting as the perfect focal point.

Change Your Pictures

This is one of the easiest ways of adding warmth to your home. You can winterize your interiors by swapping out your pictures. If you have some unused pictures from say, a family ski trip, change them with pictures taken at the beach. The key lies in the details.

Many consider summer to be the best time of the year, and with these tips, you can enjoy the colder months just as much. As energy draining as the weather can be, it provides the perfect opportunity for you to revitalize and rest up for the holidays. These small decorating tips can help make your home beautiful on the inside. You can embrace the cold weather as an opportunity to express your imagination and make your home a dreamland.