Curtain Styles for Decorating the Windows of Your Home

Mar 13

If you’re looking for curtain styles for your home, this blog post will help you. Curtains are the preferred form of window covering of most people around the world.

Stylish and elegant, curtains protect a room from unwanted light. The privacy of your home is also preserved by covering the window with curtains, and they are widely known for adding warmth to the interiors of your place. Also, if your room has just minimum furnishing, the addition of curtains will instantly lift up the appearance of the room.

There is an array of styles for curtains. Choose the one that suits the décor of your rooms and get started now.

Pencil Pleat

Sophisticated and fashionable, the pencil pleat is versatile in its appearance and functionality. This simple style holds tight folds from the top and has a good length that adds warmth to the room. The pleat is usually three inches deep and looks great on widely patterned fabric. Usually, curtains with pencil pleat suit any type of room.

Goblet Pleat

You can recreate fairy tales with goblet pleated curtains. If you fancy old English décor, this is the perfect choice as they impart the classic appearance of the Victorian age. The interlining fills the pleats and the cylindrical cuff at the top of the curtain looks like a wine glass. A piece of rope helps to keep the heavy curtains together when the drapes are kept open. Royal and traditional, this style looks great in living spaces.

Rod Pocket

This style is usually seen in most households. The top of the curtain fabric has a casing sewn through which the curtain rod fits. It’s available in lively colours that brighten up a room. Though, the pulling of this curtain is not as smooth as the other styles mentioned above.

Tab Top

Equally spaced tabs along the top of the curtain are the main characteristic of this style. Most interior designers prefer this design as it is easy to install on a pole or a rod. Also, the style is a blend of traditional and modern patterns that can redefine the appearance of any room.


Eyelet curtains are an example of modern curtains. The top has big holes that hold onto the pole of the wall. Also known as grommets, these curtains suit a living or dining space, but not a bedroom. This is because bedrooms usually have black-out blinds that don’t match eyelets.

Pinch Pleat

If you like pleats, this is a style to consider. Pinch Pleat design involves three pleats at the top of the curtain, which is stitched at the base for the latter part to flow. This style is popular among interior decorators because it adds grace to any room and.

Select the curtain style that suits best the décor of your place. You can also get in touch with an expert who’ll help you to take the best decision based on your requirements. Learn the styles well and start revamping the appearance of the windows of your home.