Curtains Vs. Drapes – Which Should You Choose?

Jan 29

Looking for window treatments for your remodelling or home design project? There are certainly lots of options; enough to overwhelm you in the search for just the right one.

To make matters worse, even interior decorators use the terms “curtains” and “draperies” interchangeably, as if they were the same thing.

While both types of window coverings can be used with various decorating styles in any room, each has distinct characteristics.

Are you in need of window treatments but unsure which is best? Let’s look at the main differences to understand which is best for your home.

Curtains – What Are They and How Will They Benefit You?


These window treatments enhance your decor by creating a striking focal point. Whether you want a soft or bold style, curtains are the perfect accessory to help tie together a room’s overall design.

One of the best ways to incorporate these treatments into your design scheme is to have them custom made for every room. Custom curtains offer many indisputable benefits, making them well worth the investment.

Still unsure? Here are some advantages you will enjoy when you install them in your home.

  1. Flexible Light Control

Covering the best source of natural light isn’t necessarily the best thing to do. For instance, you might install thick blackout curtains on north-facing windows to block sunlight. This will not give you a flexible window treatment.

With custom curtains, you can tailor the thickness of the fabric to your needs, allowing in the most appropriate amount of light. Thinner materials allow sunlight to filter through while thicker ones are better at blocking it.

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency

Along with offering flexible lighting, custom curtains help you save money on utility bills. This is possible as they have insulating properties that block outside heat from coming inside. Over time, you will see a reduction in your monthly energy expenses while enjoying an aesthetically pleasing design.

  1. Endless Design Possibilities

With custom curtains, you can choose from an endless selection of designs, colours and patterns to tailor your curtains to perfectly fit your decor.

To create a layered look and showcase your distinct style, blend varying colours, textures and prints. If you get bored with designs and patterns quickly, switch curtains and use different materials and colours depending on the season. For instance, darker colours work in winter while floral patterns match the spring.

Draperies – Why Install Them in Your Home?


Curtains are often confused with drapes, but they do differ slightly. They’re made using different fabrics, and drapes come with an additional layer of lining to block out unwanted light. This makes them ideal for master bedrooms and nurseries.

Draperies generally start at the top of the window and run its length to the floor. They can create a puddling effect, be custom made, and offer a more formal appearance than curtains. This makes them ideal for fancy dining rooms.

Let’s take a look at other benefits you enjoy when you choose custom drapes.

  1. Noise Reduction

Drapes reduce unwanted noise from a busy street or the neighbouring homes. With custom drapes in your master bedroom, you can guarantee that your Saturday morning will stay undisturbed.

  1. Privacy and Light Control

Your privacy is often an afterthought until it gets violated. Draperies are a stylish way to give you some.

Another overlooked aspect of drapes is their control of light. Direct sunlight can, over time, damage flooring, furniture, walls and artwork. Or you may be watching a movie during the day but light is reflecting on your TV screen. In these instances, lined draperies ensure a theatre-like experience within the comfort of your home.

  1. Ideal Sizing

Whether you’ve just moved into a brand new home or are looking for ways to revamp your current one, there’s no such thing as a standard window. Custom drapes ensure you have perfectly-fit window treatments, whether you have large windows or celestial ones. Custom drapes are designed and sewn to fit any style and size of window.

Should You Choose Curtains or Draperies for Your Home?

The key difference between curtains and draperies lies in their functionally and the materials used to make them.

Want your window treatments to create a relaxed feel? Curtains are the way to go. Looking for a more formal atmosphere? Choose draperies. Think about what kind of atmosphere you want and how your window treatments will serve your home. Answering these questions will make your decision easier.

Whether you’re remodelling or just thinking of ways to spruce up your existing room, the right window decoration can make all the difference. With both curtains and draperies, your choices are virtually endless. Hopefully, this post has helped you understand what you want your window treatments to do so you can better pick the ones that work best.