Custom Drapery in Toronto: How Are They Better Than Readymade Drapes?

Jul 5

Drapery comes in many different styles, designs, and materials. Among the many styles are goblet and French-pleated drapes, while your choice of materials includes cotton, linen, polyester, and silk. Drapes can also have an extra lining for insulation or completely blocking sunlight. Readymade drapes with lining or pleats come in various colours and prints, such as solids, florals, and geometrics.

However, custom drapery is made completely according to your wishes. It is cut to the exact measurements of your windows and made with materials and linings you have picked in a design to match your interior decor. For instance, you can order insulation and blackout linings on custom drapes with goblet pleats and floral designs, even if that combo isn’t readymade in your local drapery store.

Let’s look at some of the unique advantages of getting custom drapery for your Toronto home.

5 Reasons Why Custom Drapery Is the Ideal Choice for Your Toronto Home

Here are five advantages of having custom drapes over readymade ones:

1. You Get a Wider Range of Colour and Design Options

Readymade drapes are available in many different colours, shades, and prints, from pastels and neons to florals, geometrics, and abstracts. If you look hard enough, you may even find one that exactly matches your interior decor and style.

Wider Range of Colour and Design Options

However, when selecting drapes for your home, the quality, type of fabric, and type of lining are also important, apart from the print or design. Custom drapes solve all the problems that readymade drapes don’t: you get the right print, fabric, and lining in drapes that are the right size.

With custom drapery, you simply have to choose the fabric, design, and type of lining you want. We then measure your windows so your custom drapes can be fitted to perfection. This gives you more freedom over your choice of fabrics and design without worrying if they come in the type of pleat, lining, or size you need and want.

2. They Save Time and Effort

Finding drapes that perfectly match your interior decor and efficiently serve the exact functions you want can be a challenge. But you shouldn’t have to compromise on either the quality or look of your drapes while also looking for options (like blackout or insulation linings) that cover the functions you need. That means it can take a lot of time to filter through the readymade options to find the right kind of drapery for your home.

Custom drapery is not made according to standard sizes and market demands unlike readymade drapes. Instead, it is made for your specific windows and will save you the effort required to go through multiple stores and hundreds of drapes to find the right match. The hardest step is choosing the fabric and design, after which the drapery company in Toronto you choose takes care of its manufacture and installation.

3. Their Quality Is Guaranteed

If you are not picky, you may think readymade drapes, which can be chosen and installed immediately, are more convenient. However, their standardized sizes, creation, and functions can come with different problems.

custom drapes Quality

For instance, the quality of the fabric, the mechanisms (such as the grommets and rods), and the finishing of the drapes are likely to be of lower quality than those used in custom work. They may also be more fragile and fade, tear, or malfunction sooner than expected.

However, custom drapes are made using the best stitching, fitting, and cutting possible. This will ensure they last longer and serve you better while still looking new.

4. They’re All Under One Roof

If you are renovating your entire home or moving into a new one, you will need drapes in different styles for multiple rooms, each with a different aesthetic.

In such cases, custom drapes are a great convenience. This is because having to look for multiple sets of readymade drapes in different styles takes a lot of time and energy as you’ll likely have to visit multiple stores. This makes an otherwise enjoyable and exciting activity a stressful and hectic one.

Toronto custom drapery companies like ours solve this problem by providing all kinds of options and combinations under one roof.

5. We Take Exact Measurements

For drapery to function properly, it needs to be completely aligned with the window frame. Indeed, its purpose of keeping out the cold or sunlight and keeping in warmth in winter is hampered if the drapes are not properly cut and fitted to your window frame. On the other hand, custom drapes are only made after accurately measuring your window frames. They will block out light and keep warmth in with the utmost efficiency.

Custom drapery in Toronto homes provides numerous benefits compared to readymade options. Tailored to perfectly fit your windows and style, they offer unmatched quality, a vast array of design options, and improved functionality. Custom drapery ensures your home looks and feels precisely as you have imagined, creating a truly personalized and elegant living space.