Motorized Shades in Toronto: 7 Myths Debunked

Feb 7

Many Toronto-area homeowners install window shades to enjoy maximum privacy and control the amount of sunlight coming in during the day. The most basic models are operated with the help of cords. These can, however, be dangerous for both children and pets.
The safer alternative, motorized shades, are now widely used within the GTA. They do not use cords and are easy to operate.
Lerner Interiors, Toronto’s leading window treatment company, offers a wide range of motorized shades that both look great and are highly functional. Still, some homeowners hesitate to buy them based on a number of misconceptions. Here, we discuss these myths to understand why motorized shades are worth the investment.
Let’s get started.

Busting Common Myths about Motorized Shades in Toronto

In spite of their convenience, many homeowners dismiss motorized shades due to certain misconceptions. We understand that it’s easy to be misguided by these myths. So, let’s debunk them right now.

Myth #1: They Are Very Expensive

When motorized shades first hit the market, they were installed mostly in luxurious homes as a stylish addition. This gave the impression that they were meant for show but did not serve any useful purpose. But advances in technology have not only made different styles available but dropped their price point to make them far more accessible to the average consumer.

Myth #2: They Offer Few Benefits

Like other shades, motorized coverings minimize heat loss or gain through windows and reduce energy bills. As mentioned, they filter light and provide privacy. And they can be easily operated using a tablet or smartphone, whether you are at home or elsewhere.

Myth #3: They Are Available in Limited Styles

Whether you want roman, roller, cellular, or any other type of shades, motorization is an option. At Lerner Interiors, we help you to determine which type of motorized shades will best blend with your home decor and cater to your needs. We use premium products from the industry’s leading suppliers, including Hunter Douglas and Alendel Fabrics. We can also design custom window coverings for any home in any decor style.

Myth #4: They Are Not Attractive

As noted, motorized shades are available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit your home decor. This includes their control mechanisms which are available in different colours and finishes to extend your design theme even further.

Myth #5: They Produce Noise

Fortunately, the motors employed by motorized window shades produce very little noise. So, even if you are operating them in multiple rooms simultaneously, there will be barely any sound.

Myth #6: They Are Heavy

It is true that motorized shades were very heavy when they first came onto the market. Modern products, however, have evolved significantly. Today they are sleek, chic, and far from bulky.

Myth #7: They Are Hard to Maintain

Motorized shades are easier to maintain than regular ones. This is because they face less wear and tear since they are not raised and lowered manually.
Lerner Interiors’ motorized shades are mostly run by sensors, using a wall-mounted keypad or handheld remote control. They are easily integrated into home automation systems and require little maintenance.
Technological advances mean that the batteries used to operate these shades can last 3 to 5 years so you don’t have to replace them frequently. Some shades also use rechargeable batteries.

Now that you are aware of the common myths about motorized blinds in Toronto, give us a call. These coverings will beautify your windows as well as make your living space cozy and attractive. To learn more about motorized shades, feel free to call us at 416-780-0800. Our expert team can assess your requirements and budget to provide perfect automated shades for your home.