Decorate Your Home With 2018’s Interior Design Trends

Mar 9

Are you thinking about changing the interior of your home? Every year some trends go out of fashion while some stay behind and become timeless. This year, the love for bright colours and heavy textures still dominates the industry. The entry of the contemporary Scandi trend is very popular along with other styles for your home.

Discover an array of designing trends for the décor of your family space. After all, your home says a lot about you, so, never compromise on the appearance. Here are some of the interior design trends of 2018.

Wooden plank floors

Add a classic touch to your home with wooden plank floors. These wooden planks are in demand for their conventional look. If you love a rustic look then these wooden planks are a perfect choice. Charming, lush and modern, wooden planks look great in a modern or traditional home. Wooden planks are not only attractive, but also durable and worth your investment.

Bold paints and colour blocks

Colour blocking is a modern trend that can be seen in all interior design publications. It is generally seen in modern homes with minimalistic decorations. Heavy furniture or accessories against a colour blocked wall will distract from the simplistic beauty. With the bold colours on the wall, you can add warmth to any room. For instance, you can create a well-balanced decor with the use of dark shades and neutral tones. You can also try vibrant rugs, pillows and other items to complement subdued bedsheets and wall paints.

Rustic tone

It’s time to bring out the rustic trend with the use of earthy materials. Adding a mixture of antique woods, natural textiles and different types of earth tones are the right way to enhance the rural feel of your home. In fact, distressed furniture also has a rustic feeling and can complete the look of any room. To stand out, you can implement this style and get flooded with compliments.

Scandi style

Scandi style is set to be very popular as interior designers everywhere are recommending this trend. The perfect blend of contemporary and mid-century furniture makes this design a hit by mixing together different styles of wooden textures. Bold furnishing against neutral walls is a necessary element to bring a modern twist to this trend.

Vintage accessories

Antique pieces will never go out of style. This year they are making a statement in the industry for a good reason. Besides adding aesthetic value to any room, vintage accessories give a personal touch and speak a lot about your taste.

Pattern plants

It’s always great to include plants inside your home. Patterned plants are all the rage on sites like Pinterest, because they can add a contemporary feel to a classic design. Also, they can make a room feel fresh by adding a vibrant colour with a unique look. You can place them in a corner of your living room to stand out against neutral furniture.

The above-mentioned are some of the major interior design trends in 2018. Seek out expert advice to make the best use of the latest trends that suit your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now!