DIY: 5 Unique Curtain Rod Ideas You Can Try at Home

Jun 5

The beauty of a curtain is incomplete without a complementing curtain rod. An elegant drapery panel or rod is necessary to make your curtains stand out and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. However, always opting for traditional options gives the same tired outdated look to your window treatments. Why be dull and boring, if you can be creative?

Here are 5 unique curtain rod ideas that you can try at home to give your window coverings something new.

1) A Tree’s Branch

Exciting and creative, use a tree’s branch as your curtain rod and add a nature-themed expression to your room. Find a straight branch for a balanced look, spray paint it with the colour matching your curtains and hang the drapes carefully. This look works well with the tie-top curtains as they are easily adjustable with the branch.

2) Wooden Fence with Hooks

This curtain rod is great to give a countryside look to your home décor. Use the hooks to hang the curtains and the wooden fence as the window valances. You can add some bird cut-outs to it for a more outdoorsy look.

3) A Simple Rope

This easy yet creative window treatment has become very popular recently. Use eyehook at the ends and tie a sisal rope through. Knot the rope from both the ends and hang the curtains with the help of rings. If you’ve got a long window line, then use an eyehook in the middle for more support.

4) An Old Rowing Oar

Sail the ocean of décor with an old rowing oar as a curtain rod. It will add character to your room and act as a focal point which your guests can’t resist to look at. Add brackets at both the ends of the window frame (open on top) and attach the curtains to the oar by using rings. Now place the oar on the bracket. Voila!

5) The Sports Touch

This curtain décor idea works perfectly for a boy’s room. Place an ice hockey stick above the window frame with the help of hidden brackets. Attach rings and hang the curtains along with it. Your teenager will be surprised with the new sporty window treatment in his/her room.

Revamp your windows with these creative DIY curtain rod ideas. They are inexpensive and unique. You can make them very easily and experiment with them to create a more personalised look.

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