DIY Care for Window Treatments

Feb 27

A wide variety of window treatments can be seen across houses. Shades, blinds, draperies, curtains, shutters, etc. are some commonly used window coverings in houses in Canada. Motorized coverings are gaining popularity and are a great option for homes where there are pets, children and aged people. Motorized shades and blinds are much safer as there is no fear and danger of getting tangled in cords or tassels hanging loose on the sides of other manually operable coverings.

window treatments

Cleaning and maintenance of window coverings is an important aspect as negligence will reduce its life considerably. Home-owners can either opt for DIY cleaning projects or hire professional help for the purpose. Most stores that deal in window coverings offer cleaning and maintenance services. However, even if you hire experts to clean your window coverings, basic cleaning at home is necessary at regular intervals. Some of the cleaning techniques that can be employed at home are:

Basic Cleaning

Dusting – this can be done gently with a cloth to wipe of dust that accumulates over a week or fortnight. It is best to use a simple cloth and lightly dust the covering.

Vacuuming – Using a vacuum cleaner is also a great way to keep window coverings clean. Vacuum cleaners suck all dust and other particles that tend to settle on coverings over a period of time.

Blowing – You can also choose to clean window coverings by blowing away all the dust. You can do so by using a simple hair dryer or use an air can for the job.

Special Cleaning

  • Apart from these if you wish to undertake special cleaning on your own, you can use a mild solution of detergent and water and gently get rid of spots or stains if any on window coverings.
  • Alternatively you can hire professional help to do so, who come with special cleaning agents and equipment for the purpose. Ensure that you hire genuine cleaners for the work!
  • You can also contact the store from where you bought your window coverings

Removal of bugs

  • Window coverings are hotspots for bugs and insects to settle down in the corners and crevices of windows. The best way to get rid of them is by blowing them away.

Avoid using anything sharp to shift or move fabric based coverings, lest you damage them to free them of bugs.