Does Your Business Need Better Window Coverings?

Dec 22

Window coverings serve as a means of bringing out the décor of your home. But did you know they can affect two things most important to your business as well?

Having (or not having) window coverings will directly impact how productive your team is and how customers feel about your company.

Window coverings are a part of the interior décor of your company’s building, but they also serve a practical function by helping to control the inside temperature.

  • Do you remember a time when a store you visited was so stuffy and hot, that you had to rush out?
  • Have you been to a restaurant which was so cold, you felt like you were about to lose a limb?
  • Have you seen employees doze off after lunch when the temperature gets too warm?
  • Do your employees become distracted when there is too much glare?
  • Does your meeting room sometimes feel like a freezer in the winter or a sauna in the summer?

Commercial buildings can be a hub to a lot of people on a daily basis. The number of people will depend on the type of business you are running, but the bigger the business the more people that are affected.

Natural light has a powerful impact on people’s mood, health, alertness and sleep habits. This is why modern architects put an emphasis on window placement when constructing buildings.

Large windows are a great way to get plenty of natural light, but by themselves they can cause problems. They can cause excessive heat during summer and let in cold during the winter, both of which increase energy costs. Investing in the right window coverings can prevent this.

Window Coverings Which Improve Energy Efficiency Include:-

  • Solar shades and screens that can block almost 99% of the sun’s heat and glare.
  • Roller shades which come in a wide variety of colors, texture and fabrics to match any décor.
  • Cellular shades provide privacy, light filtering and at times complete blackout. They reduce heat loss in the winter and overheating in the summer.
  • Graphic shades are energy efficient and great messaging for brand enhancement.
  • The flame retardant qualities of blinds give your windows added protection against fires.
  • Drapes provide privacy, style, sound control, insulation, light filtering and sun block control to your windows
  • Window film and tinting offers privacy options that is decorative protects against UV rays.

Whether used alone or paired together, these window coverings helps a business improve its energy efficiency and employee productivity.

Your company’s needs and our ideas can come together to create something that looks good and is functional. Invest in window coverings; make your customers and your employees more comfortable. Let us know what your team thinks about the new environment.