Dos and Don’ts of Window Treatment

Aug 7

Window treatment is an essential element for complementing the interior décor of any house. It adds warmth, offers privacy and helps you control light. But, with so many benefits it also comes with many challenges.

From making measurements to drilling holes in your walls, dressing your windows like a pro is not easy. There are specific guidelines to be followed to make your windows worth a second look.

Here are some dos and don’ts of window treatments to make your windows both attractive and functional.


1) Make sure you have some extra fabric

Whether you’re sewing your curtains and drapes or buying them pre-stitched, make sure that the fabric is more than the actual length of your windows. More fabric will make the curtains appear more fluffy and complete. The fabric should be 2 or 2.5 times more than the breadth of the windows.

2) Hang drapes/curtains high and wide

Hanging the curtains or drapes a bit above and a few inches from the actual window frame will make your windows appear bigger and wider. This trick is helpful for narrow and short windows. Extend the curtains rods about 3-6 inches on each side of the window and hang the curtains/drapes up to the ceiling or about 12 inches above the windows.

3) Choose floor length curtains

Make sure that the curtains or drapes touch the floor (not too much) creating a sweep for an elegant look. It gives a taller appearance to the windows and creates a focal point in the room. Making the curtains too short will give your windows a messy and unstylish look.

4) Add layers

Why stick to one window covering when you can have more. Adding layers to window treatment is an excellent way of giving your windows a designer look. Pair plantation shutters with valances and wood blinds with drapes. Combine different window treatment options to create a unique look.


1) Don’t ignore the drapery hardware

The secret of a beautiful window covering is complementing drapery hardware. Some homeowners ignore the importance of choosing a well-paired drapery hardware for their curtains or drapes. It’s like serving the costliest wine in a paper cup. Don’t make that mistake and choose drapery hardware that matches the window treatment for a complete look.

2) Don’t use the same treatment in all rooms

Every room is different. Therefore, using the same window treatment in every room will make the décor monotonous. To bring uniqueness to the décor, choose different window coverings for every room. For example, go for café curtains in the kitchen, wooden blinds or sheers in the living room and blackout shades in the bedroom.

3) Don’t always look for budget friendly options

Some windows treatments are budget-friendly but offer a cheaper and downgraded look. For example, plastic budget blinds are a cost-effective option but not very durable. Spend a little extra money and invest in a durable and stylish window treatment option such as wide-slat wood blinds or shutters. These attractive windows treatments are perfect to give a luxurious and chic look to the room.

Follow these window covering rules to create an upscale look and let your windows make a statement. You can use your creativity to come up with some new ideas for dressing up your windows with fashion and practicality. All the best!