Easy Guide to Installing California Shutters in Toronto

Apr 15

California shutters come in a wide array of styles and sizes, so you may select them either for your basement, small bathroom, or large kitchen windows. However, the installation process may vary slightly based on the size of the windows.

But there are general steps that are followed when installing almost all types of California shutters.

In this post, we discuss how to mount California shutters in your Toronto-area home. This guide will cover the two most common methods: the DIY route and professional installation.

Let’s dive right in.

Step-By-Step Guide to Installing California Shutters in Toronto

Are you thinking about how to mount these shutters in your home? Follow this simple guide.

Measure Your Windows Precisely

As these shutters need to fit within the window frame perfectly, even a tiny miscalculation can result in ill-fitted coverings.

Make Use of Filler Strips When Required

As the name suggests, filler strips are used to fill in gaps if you have to make adjustments in the width of these shutters. You may even use them to mark the layout before beginning the installation.

Measure the Shutters and Install the Strips

The next step is to measure the shutters carefully. During this process, figure out if you need the filler strips. If you do, determine how many you have to put in along with the shutters. Attach these strips to the frames of your California shutters by using a screwdriver.

Mount the Shutters Properly

In order to install your California shutters, you need to hold them in the right place and align the screws with the holes that are already drilled. Remember, the location of these holes will depend on the style of shutters. Then tighten all the screws slowly but not too tight.

Correct the Alignment

When the shutters are properly mounted, move them around and open or close them to see if there is an issue with the alignment.

California shutters are great insulators, but poor alignment can damage their insulating capacities and strain them. If you identify any issue with the alignment, fix it immediately.

Install Essential Hardware

Like custom drapery, there are different styles of California shutters. Some require extra hardware like locks, knobs, and latches. So, the next step is to use a pencil to mark where the hardware goes, then drill the holes and install it. The final step is to test whether everything works alright.

How Long Does This Installation Take?

This depends on multiple factors. For example, if you have a big window then installing California shutters will take longer than for a small window. Accurately measuring the windows so no adjustments are required also reduces the time required, as does your skill level. If you have no prior experience mounting shutters then it will take longer than if you do.

Is Professional Installation Best?

Although California shutters aren’t very difficult to mount, there are challenges installing them on your own, especially big or hard-to-reach windows.

If you still have questions, hire our expert installers. Then you won’t have to buy appropriate materials and tools, or worry about mounting them safely.

When you hire a leading window covering company like Lerner Interiors, we not only install your shutters but are with you at every step of your purchase. We can also help you select the most suitable California shutters for your home and budget.

Installing California shutters on your own for your Toronto home can be done, if you have the necessary skills. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a leading window treatment installation company, rely on Lerner Interior’s 3+ decades of experience. All of our projects begin with a thorough consultation so we can implement your plans successfully. Contact us today to experience the differences that practice and skill make.