Efficient Tricks for Outstanding Window Treatments for Renters

Jul 11

Tired of buying stuff over and over again to meet the needs of your rented home? For renters or for people who have to frequently keep moving their homes, it becomes a big deal to keep buying more and more stuff all over again. While curtains that beautify one wall might not look good on another wall, they can make a difference if properly treated and put on with a different stance altogether. Not to mention that décor varies from home to home. There is no one set of window treatments that will look good on every home.

What will renters opt for? This is a big question. Well, here are a few cost effective excellent options for the same.

  1. Shop Savvy

In the past few days, there were a lot of enquiries about the various options of curtains and drapes for our homes. While it is not a good option to spend enormous amounts on curtains, if you are a bit particular about the quality of the fabric together with the look of it once hung, then we suggest you shop savvy. Bring home as many options possible and selectively get them to match your décor. A few things that you need to understand in the process would be:-

  • Buying long. You can always hem down the store-bought curtains but they can’t really be let down or enhanced. If there is too much movement in the house, your practice must essentially be to make a purchase of 95”+ curtains which can be re-hemmed when you need them to. They can also be re-hemmed when you shift your homes. At the stores, you will usually not find anything longer than 84”. Longer lengths are increasingly found online.
  • The right time to save is the sale season. Wait for the holiday or larger sale options, use coupons if you have any. This can sometimes get you a deal of about 50% off on every panel, which can be 4+ panels and can translate into big savings.
  • Never be afraid to return. Opened and tried items can always be taken back to the stores, or for that purpose returned online. Identifying how something will look on your wall becomes a little different to visualize at the beginning; so it’s best to buy the stuff, bring it home and try it on your walls for a few hours. Stores will almost always take this stuff back. Bear in mind to buy stuff that are universal and can more or less agree to any sort of décor. Solid or fine-textured neutral shades are the most adaptive ones.
  1. Store-bought Custom Look

Every curtain will need a custom stamp from its home-owner to compliment the home decor. While it is best to sometimes opt for completely DIY options, there are times when you just cannot beat the price or convenience of the store-bought panels. If you find something you like, play with it a bit, understand how it can be made better and then give it more of a custom look. The trick again is making a universal choice that can suit almost all types of décor.  After all, your home needs a more “YOU” touch.

  1. DIY Drapes

People almost always like their drapes to live up to personal preferences. While making them on your own can be a gigantic task; a great advantage of DIY will be a curtain that actually works best with your décor and is made just the way you want it to. It can suit any of your design and décor requirements, devoid of any change in your living space.

Renting is one good option for people who have to keep moving their homes. Whether it is by professional or personal choice, moving homes keeps bringing the challenge of new and enhanced décor. Sticking to one option becomes dull, drab and disastrous. Change is the only constant. Bring a change to your décor and zap its stodginess.